Spotify and Roku partner to bring video ads to the streaming experience

Streaming entertainment is taking over, with more people choosing to listen to music, podcasts, and watch TV online whenever they please. People are saying goodbye to traditional cable and embracing the freedom of digital streaming. As this shift happens, advertisers are changing their strategies too. They are moving their ad money away from old-school radio and TV to new places like digital audio and connected TV (CTV). 

Spotify, a popular music and podcast platform, and Roku, the top TV streaming platform in the US, Canada, and Mexico, are now working together. They want to introduce video ads on the Spotify app that you can watch on your Roku. This partnership is a big deal and builds on their long friendship, which started over ten years ago when Spotify first came to Roku. It’s also the first step toward the Spotify CTV Partner Network.

“We want Spotify to be available to anyone on any device. This partnership with Roku is a response to advertisers who want more ways to connect with our users,” stated Lee Brown, Global Head of Advertising Business & Platform at Spotify. “Both our brands have been at the forefront of the streaming revolution and together we’re continuing to invest in more opportunities for advertisers to connect with our immersed users.”

Spotify has more than just music these days. You can watch artist videos, listen to video podcasts, and enjoy features like DJ and Jam. They also have cool ad stuff like Sponsored Sessions and clickable cards. This partnership with Roku means brands can now connect with Spotify’s huge audience, which has over 500 million users worldwide.

Spotify’s Video Takeover ads, which have been showing up on mobiles, tablets, and computers, will soon be on CTV devices, starting with Roku. In the future, they’re considering adding even more video ads, like ones in video podcasts, to improve your Spotify experience.

“As longtime partners, we’re excited to launch Spotify’s TV streaming video ads that will reach both of our streamers on platform and drive measurable campaign impact for brands,” stated Alison Levin, VP, Ad Revenue and Marketing Solutions at Roku. “Roku and Spotify are uniquely positioned to make the largest screen in the home work harder for brands. We are thrilled to partner with Spotify on this at launch.”

The Spotify team has been busy with other projects too. One of the recent projects they shared with the public is an AI-powered voice translation feature, aiming to revolutionize the podcast experience by ensuring that the translated content sounds as if it were spoken by the original creator.

Written by Gizem Yılmaz


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