Spotify expands video podcasts to all creators in select markets

Spotify, which began activating Video Podcasts for creators last fall, has announced that it is expanding the new feature to all creators in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the UK. Now, creators in these markets will have the ability to upload their video content to Spotify through Anchor as easily as they already publish audio. 

Alongside  video podcasts’ expansion to more creators, Spotify also announced that it is enabling new features. One of the notable features for podcast creators is that Spotify Podcast Subscriptions will be available for video podcasts, empowering creators to own their monetization models by creating exclusive content, gating video, and more. The company said it is working on more monetization models to come soon. 

Spotify also announced a partnership with Riverside, the go-to platform for remote recording. With this integration, creators will be able to record and publish video podcasts for free with Riverside with a quick distribution path to Spotify via Anchor.

Another feature Spotify announced is embeddable video, which enables videos to play directly in the embed player when creators embed a video podcast episode from Spotify. 

Other features announced by the company are video bulk-replace to replace existing audio episodes with video versions, video analytics for deep insights into videos’ performance, and interactive podcast features including polls and Q&A.

Written by Maya Robertson


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