Global ecommerce sales projected to surpass $6 trillion, constitute one-fifth of total retail transactions

As the world continues to embrace digital commerce, ecommerce sales are projected to soar to new heights, comprising a significant portion of total retail transactions. According to eMarketer’s forecast, worldwide retail ecommerce sales are expected to reach $6.334 trillion this year, accounting for 20.1% of all retail sales globally.

However, while ecommerce growth remains robust, the pace is expected to gradually slow over the next three years, as indicated by eMarketer’s Worldwide Retail Ecommerce Forecast 2024 report. Despite this moderation, ecommerce continues to be a vital driver of retail activity, reshaping consumer behavior and business strategies worldwide.

Across different regions, disparities in ecommerce growth rates are evident. In the markets tracked by eMarketer, Latin America emerges with the fastest ecommerce growth rate, projected at 15.8% for the year. In contrast, Western Europe experiences a more subdued growth rate of 6.4%, reflecting varying levels of digital adoption and economic conditions across regions.

China maintains its stronghold as the global leader in ecommerce, contributing more than half of worldwide ecommerce sales in 2024. With a staggering $3.235 trillion in ecommerce transactions, China solidifies its position as the powerhouse of digital commerce. Following closely behind, the United States secures the second spot with $1.251 trillion in ecommerce sales, showcasing its continued significance in the digital retail landscape.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom trails behind as the third-largest ecommerce market, with anticipated sales reaching $220.55 billion this year, according to eMarketer’s projections. Despite its comparatively smaller size, the UK remains a key player in the global ecommerce arena, driving innovation and consumer engagement within its digital retail ecosystem.

Written by Maya Robertson


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