Google announces removal of third-party apps and watch faces from Fitbit watches in the EU

Google has recently announced its decision to remove third-party apps and clock faces on all Fitbit smartwatches used within the European Union. The tech giant disclosed this development through an update on a support page, indicating that the removal will come into effect sometime in June 2024. This means that Fitbit users across the European Economic Area will no longer have access to download or install new third-party applications or clock faces through the Fitbit App Gallery.

According to Google’s explanation, the removal of third-party apps and clock faces is a result of a thorough assessment of the impact of new regulatory requirements. Until the implementation of the removal in June 2024, users in the affected regions will still be able to download and install third-party apps. However, once the change takes effect, users will only have access to a curated selection of Google and Fitbit apps.

The devices affected by this decision include popular Fitbit models such as the Fitbit Sense 2, Fitbit Versa 4, Fitbit Sense, Fitbit Versa 3, and several others. Notably, Fitbit trackers are not included in this removal, and Google Pixel Watch models remain unaffected. While Fitbit and Google apps will continue to be available, it’s worth noting that Google apps are predominantly exclusive to the Fitbit Sense 2 and Versa 4 models.

This decision comes after Google had already implemented changes to third-party app support on Fitbit Sense 2 and Versa 4, where third-party apps were entirely removed, while third-party clock faces remained intact. With this latest announcement, Fitbit users in the EU must prepare for a significant shift in their smartwatch experience, as they transition towards a more curated ecosystem of apps and clock faces provided by Fitbit and Google.

Written by Sophie Blake


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