YouTube to launch ‘Courses’ in India next year

Image Credits: Google India

Google announced that it would launch a new YouTube feature in India called ‘’Courses’’ in the first half of 2023, which will allow educators in the country to offer more structured online courses on the video sharing platform. The company unveiled the upcoming feature at the Google For India 2022 event that took place earlier today.

Once the feature is launched, educators will be able to offer both free and paid courses on YouTube, and users who purchase paid ones will be able to watch them without being distracted by any ads.

YouTube Courses will allow educators to publish and manage their content using the company’s mobile app, and will also let them offer additional text materials and questions.

‘’We’re excited to announce that we’ll be launching a new product to support richer learning experiences for our audiences and a new monetization option for creators,’’ the company said in a blog post. ‘’In the coming months, we’ll be introducing Courses on YouTube in beta, which will allow learners to go deeper on subjects they are passionate about. A select group of qualified creators can begin offering free or paid Courses to provide in-depth, structured learning experiences for viewers.’’

As reported by India Today, during a roundtable meeting with media members before the event kicked off, YouTube India Managing Director Ishan John Chatterjee said that YouTube Courses would also be available in the United States and South Korea, but nowhere else.

Written by Tuna Cetin


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