Selena Gomez’s New Video Clip Was Shot On Iphone 11 Pro

Selena Gomez surprised her fans with a brand new video clip. Another surprising detail about the video clip of ‘’Lose You to Love Me’’ song is that it was taken with iPhone 11 Pro.

iPhones are among the best devices that provide high video quality. Since the launch of Apple’s new phones, the iPhone 11 series have been in focus for its superior camera features. So much so that, Selena Gomez’s new clip was shot with the camera of iPhone 11 Pro.

The video clip of Selena Gomez’s new song, “Lose You to Love Me,” uses a lot of transitions. One of the highlights of iPhone 11 Pro’s video quality is the full black and white footage. Although iPhone 11 Pro has proven itself with the color quality, black and white recording seems to be the right decision. The new clip was also used to promote Apple’s “Shot On iPhone” campaign and was shared with a 1-minute video from the company’s YouTube channel.

Written by Maya Robertson


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