IronSource’s In-App Bidding Platform is now open for all app developers

IronSource, one of the leading mobile advertising and app monetization platforms, has opened up its in-app bidding platform, LevelPay, to all app developers, giving them instant access to bidding networks. First announced one year ago, LevelPay was only available for the biggest publishers till today.

The company also announced that Facebook Audience Network has now entered open beta to allow app and game developers who use the ironSource mediation platform to access. 

“This is a really exciting step towards truly democratizing access to in-app bidding,” said Nimrod Zuta, VP Product at ironSource. “With this latest update, any developer, no matter their size, will get equal access to the most robust in-app bidding technology available in the market, along with access to premium demand sources like Facebook Audience Network.” 

Amit Bhojwani, Head of Partnerships at Facebook Audience Network, added “Bidding is increasingly replacing the waterfall as the preferred setup for ad monetization as it helps maximize revenue while saving valuable time for ad operations teams. This is why we are thrilled that more developers and publishers can now access Facebook Audience Network via bidding on LevelPlay.” 

“Our goal is to bring operational and monetary efficiencies to all app developers and publishers of all genres and sizes, so that everyone can benefit from a fair and open bidding environment.”

Written by Maya Robertson


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