Apple rolls out ‘subscription offer codes’ to let developers acquire, retain, and win back subscribers

Apple is set to launch ‘Subscription Offer Codes’ with iOS 14 later this year to make it easier for app developers to grow and retain their customer base. Announced last week by the tech giant, subscription offer codes will allow app developers to give their users a free or discounted price for a limited duration for an auto-renewal subscription.

A subscription offer code will be a unique, alphanumeric one-time use code which developers can hand out via online and offline channels including emails, Twitter DMS, newsletters, events, providing them alongside physical products, etc. 

The subscription offer codes will only be available for customers using iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and later. Customers will also have a chance to redeem an offer within an app if the app developer has implemented the presentCodeRedemptionSheet API.

Below you can find the comparison table for other offer types, provided by Apple

Written by Sophie Blake


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