Instagram Brings Donation Button for Nonprofit Organizations

Facebook has introduced new features for non-profit charities to raise funds. Features include a donation button on Instagram, a fundraising label on Facebook, and fundraising in game publications.

Social media giant Facebook has introduced three new features for the non-profit community to raise funds on its platforms. These new features will include a donation button on Instagram, a fundraising label on Facebook, and a larger fundraising feature on the live stream on Facebook. The most notable of the changes is the donation button to be added to Instagram.

As you know, organizations were able to collect donations through Instagram Stories, but these stories were deleted after 24 hours. With this change for Instagram, non-profit organizations will be able to add a donation button to their Instagram profile, along with contact number information, and make things a little easier.

Facebook’s multi-media live tools have been available for nearly a year for a small group of game creators in the United States. Now the company wants to serve more people by extending the opportunity to collect donations from a wider audience.

The company will extend this feature to a wider audience, allowing publishers to set donation goals, activate the donation progress bar, and display donations sent via donor reminders. This way, when one of the audience donates and his donation appears on the screen, the other audience will be encouraged.

Written by Jordan Bevan


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