Google Play adds ‘Purchase Requests’ tool for families

Image Source: The Keyword / Google

Google announced on Tuesday that it has added a new Play Store tool named ‘’Purchase Requests’’, which will let family members request their family manager to pay for apps or in-app purchases.

In fact, Google already allows parents to approve or deny purchases made by members of their families, which can be highly effective in preventing kids from making unwanted payments. This only applies to families that have a family payment method added, though. The new tool, on the other hand, can be used by those without a family payment method.

When a child makes a purchase request, the family manager will receive a real time notification, and will also be able to view it in an approval request queue within Google Play to make a decision later. If they approve the request, they will be able to complete the purchase using their own stored payment methods, such as Google Play gift cards. 

The manager and the member who made the request will both receive emails confirming the transaction, which will also be available in their Order History.

Google notes that the new tool can be used for paid apps and in-app purchases only, not for Play Books, Google TV, or subscription purchases.

Purchase approvals without a family payment method won’t be available for family groups with a family payment method added, the company said. In addition, children won’t be able to view or use the family manager’s payment method without getting their permission, it added.

Written by Sophie Blake


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