Google adds new strategic guidance tools for game monetization to Google Play Console

Image Credit: Google

Google announced yesterday that it is expanding the suite of strategic guidance tools for game monetization available in Google Play Console.

This new section shows the metrics-driven guidance to help developers better monetize their games by:

1. Contextualizing your topline revenue: Understand how your game’s revenue metrics contribute to your overall business goals, and learn when to prioritize optimizing for one metric over another.

2. Identifying opportunities: Find out where there is an opportunity to improve a metric by benchmarking against peer groups, and explore insights by country.

3. Recommending next steps: Learn how to take advantage of monetization opportunities with specific actions you can take right away.

Strategic guidance for game monetization, which includes primary monetization metrics and their relationships to help developers easily assess performance and measure against peers, can be found in Financial reports within Google Play Console. 

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Google defines the metric hierarchy as follows:

The metric hierarchy is a tool to help you understand how you and your teams can directly influence the lower-level metrics of your games performance, like buyer conversions, which contribute to your overall top-line business performance. Using peerset comparisons and per-country breakdowns, you can quickly identify your biggest growth opportunities: what markets are underperforming and where you are a market leader.

For more detailed information on the new strategic guidance tools and the use of the metric hierarchy for game monetization, you can check out the Android Developers Blog.

Written by Jordan Bevan


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