Google announces new Android features for 2022

Google, which pulled out of attending CES 2022 due to concerns about COVID-19, announced new Android features that will arrive in 2022 in a blog post. The new features includes quick connection between devices, improvement in locking devices, and taking cross-device interaction to the next level.

Fast Pair feature, which is one of the areas where Google focuses on the most development, makes it much faster for Android phones to connect to other devices via Bluetooth. In a new statement, the company announced that it plans to offer Fast Pair support for devices such as TV, smart home products and Chromebooks.

“Fast Pair has already helped people connect their Android phones with Bluetooth accessories over 100 million times. It enables instant set up and device pairing, bringing up the companion app for installation and transferring your Google credentials. We’re continuing our work with partners to further extend Fast Pair’s functionality beyond audio connectivity with wearables, headphones, speakers and cars and extending it to TVs and smart home devices, so you can instantly start using all the devices in your life.” Google said

Starting in a few weeks, when you turn on your Fast Pair-enabled headphones, your Chromebook will automatically detect it and pair with it in a single click. And in the coming months, you’ll be able to set up your headphones for when you need to watch quietly with your Google TV or Android TV OS device at home. 

Today, users have the ability to unlock their Chromebook from their Android phone. In the coming months, Google plans to expand this to unlock Chromebook and Android phone or tablet with WearOS smart devices. 

The company will also adopt Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology and take car integration to a higher level. With this feature, starting later this year, Android users will be able to unlock the car without taking the phone out of their pocket, instead of holding the phone to the car lock.

Google also announced that, in 2022, people with multiple devices will be able to interact with cross-device data and media at a much better level. For example, while a person is watching a movie with a headset on their tablet, the headset will automatically connect to the phone when their phone rings. When the call ends, the headset will be reconnected to the tablet.

In addition, Google will implement services such as remotely cooling and heating the interior of your car, unlocking and closing the lock and getting information about the status of the battery through voice commands, in vehicles with Google Assistant. This feature will first come to Volvo vehicles in the coming months.

Written by Sophie Blake


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