Instagram start testing to bring back chronological feed

In early December, Adam Mosseri had said that Instagram is working on a new version of feed that will show users’ posts in chronological order. He announced yesterday that the company has begun testing two new feed settings, including the much-requested chronological option.

Mosseri said that Instagram will soon allow users to switch between three different feeds: Home, Favorites and Following. 

The “Home” option will be similar to Instagram’s current feed, which sorts posts by what might interest you, while “Favorites” will be a feed dedicated to the friends you care about the most. The “Following” option, on the other hand, will be a chronological feed only for accounts you follow, much like Instagram’s default feed prior to 2016.

Mosseri had first promised the chronological feed would make a comeback during a Senate subcommittee hearing on Instagram’s impact on teens and kid’s mental health in December.

The company’s algorithmically ordered feed, introduced in 2016 and then updated to include suggested posts in 2017, is widely disliked by users who prefer their posts and friends’ posts to show up in a chronological order. 

In the last days of 2021, Adam Mosseri outlined Instagram’s goals for 2022. This year, the company plans to double its video focus as well as expand its work on transparency. The company also plans to focus on messaging and continue to creating new monetization tools for content creators. 

Written by Jordan Bevan


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