Eminem buys Bored Ape NFT for almost $500,000

World-famous rapper Eminem bought a Bored Ape NFT for about half a million dollars in the last days of December. He has yet to make an official statement on the matter, but Eminem has replaced his Twitter profile picture with that of his new Bored Ape NFT, as every NFT collector does. The amount Eminem paid for this NFT was 123.45 ETH, or about $452,000.

Bored Ape NFT, which Eminem bought, depicts a rap artist with its clothing and stance, almost reminiscent of Eminem. So much so that the first owner of NFT, GeeGazza, said in a tweet he shared on November 2 that it was Eminem’s destiny to buy this NFT.

After the sale, which took place in the last days of December, GeeGazza made a humorous statement saying “I’m living in a simulation” while thanking Eminem.

Looking at Eminem’s Open Sea profile named Shady_Holdings, we see that the rapper has owned 20 NFTs so far. The profile features Marshall’s self-inspired work from Canna Comics, as well as Official Construction Punks’ Construction Punk #305 NFT, reminiscent of a rap artist. The rapper also has 3 NFTs from Lil Baby Doodles X.

Written by Sophie Blake


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