How to Delete Your Telegram Account

The Telegram app, where people swarmed with anger after WhatsApp published its new privacy policy and suddenly left and returned to WhatsApp, is actually still a popular social media/messaging app. In the app, you can find many discussion groups under the topic you want, and you can even follow the news you want.

If you are one of those who started using Telegram with anger as in the first example we mentioned, or if you just want to delete your account, you are in the right place. In this ‘How To’ guide, we tell you how to delete Telegram account permanently. 

What happens when you delete your Telegram account permanently?

Before you permanently delete your Telegram account, it is useful to know what will happen as a result of doing this. When you delete your account, Telegram clearly states that you are deleting all your chats and data. Your account is permanently terminated and your messages and contacts are irretrievably destroyed.

The channels and groups you create continue to work normally, and existing administrators retain their privileges. If you are the only admin, Telegram assigns a random active member as a new admin. After deleting your account, Telegram does not allow you to create a new account with the same phone number for at least a few days.

Before starting account deletion: How to create Telegram account backup?

Telegram irreversibly deletes everything after you delete your account, but you can back up your data beforehand if you wish. You need a computer for this. Let’s take a look at how to get a Telegram account backup.

Step #1: Download Telegram Desktop app.

Step #2: Access your Telegram account on your computer by scanning the QR code on your phone.

Step #3: Click on the three line icon in the top left and enter Settings.

Step #4: Click on ‘Export Telegram data’ from the Advanced tab.

Step# 5: Select the data you want to export and wait for the process to complete.

Step #6: When the process is finished, click on Show Data and click on the web page shortcut that appears, you’re done.

How to Delete Telegram Account Permanently

Telegram does not offer you the possibility to delete your account directly from its own app. You can delete your Telegram account either by adjusting self-destruction settings or via the Telegram Deactivation Page. 

How to Delete Telegram Account Permanently on Android or iPhone

Step #1: Open the app and go to Settings by tapping the three lines in the top left.

Step #2: Enter the Privacy and Security tab

Step #3: Tap the ‘Delete my account if I’m Away For’ heading and select the ‘Account self-destruct’ period as 1 month and do not log in for 1 month

With this setting, if you avoid using Telegram for a period of 1 month, your account will be deleted along with all your conversations and contacts after the time expires.

If you say I can’t wait for 1 month: How to delete Telegram account immediately

It is very easy to permanently delete your Telegram account immediately. All you have to do is follow the simple steps below.

Step #1: Go to the website here from your browser and enter your phone number.

Step #2: Enter the confirmation code sent to your Telegram app

Step #3: In the window that opens, enter the reason for leaving if you want 

Step #4: Select the” Yes, Delete My Account” option and you’re done

Written by Maya Robertson


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