Telegram to reach one billion users within a year, Pavel Durov says

Telegram, the popular messaging app, is poised to surpass one billion monthly active users within a year, according to its founder Pavel Durov. Durov shared his projection during an interview with U.S. journalist Tucker Carlson, underscoring Telegram’s rapid expansion akin to a “forest fire.”

Durov emphasized Telegram’s commitment to remaining a “neutral platform,” steering clear of entanglements in geopolitics. This stance aligns with his vision for Telegram as a communication tool rather than a political player, fostering an environment conducive to open dialogue and exchange of ideas.

Currently boasting 900 million active users, Telegram competes with Meta Platforms’ WhatsApp, which exceeds two billion monthly active users. Speculation has arisen regarding Telegram’s potential for a U.S. listing once the company achieves profitability, as reported by the Financial Times in March.

Although Telegram’s user base is substantial, it remains particularly influential in the former Soviet Union republics. Ranked among the major social media platforms globally, Telegram occupies a significant position alongside giants like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

In recent times, Telegram has emerged as a primary source of uncensored information amidst geopolitical tensions, notably during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022. The platform has served as a conduit for unfiltered content from various perspectives, reflecting the complexities of the conflict and its geopolitical implications.

Written by Maya Robertson


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