Telegram will hit profitability in 2025, Pavel Durov says

In a recent interview, Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram, shared the company’s anticipation of achieving profitability in the upcoming year and expressed aspirations for a future public offering. 

“We are hoping to become profitable next year, if not this year,” Durov said.

Durov disclosed that the chat app, now boasting a user base exceeding 900 million, is successfully generating “hundreds of millions of dollars” through a combination of advertising and subscription revenue. Despite substantial offers from global investors valuing the company at over $30 billion, Durov emphasized Telegram’s strategic intent to pursue a public listing in the future. While dismissing the idea of a mega funding round, Telegram remains open to smaller equity investments. 

“The main reason why we started to monetize is because we wanted to remain independent. Generally speaking, we see value in [an IPO] as a means to democratize access to Telegram’s value,” Durov told the Financial Times.

Insiders familiar with the matter revealed that Telegram is likely considering a US listing once the company attains profitability and favorable market conditions align. Pavel Durov refrained from specifying a timeline or potential venue but mentioned that Telegram has thoroughly explored various options. 

The company initiated monetization efforts with the launch of a Premium subscription two years ago, swiftly amassing over one million paid users within months. Telegram further diversified its revenue streams by introducing ad solutions for one-to-many channels and is set to launch ad revenue sharing with channel owners this month. Durov revealed that current ad solutions are geographically restricted, with agencies mandated to spend between €1 million and €10 million. In a strategic move, Telegram plans to expand its ad offerings globally and create opportunities for smaller advertisers.

Recent developments include the announcement that personal users can now convert their accounts to business accounts by paying a subscription fee, marking a significant move toward catering to business and enterprise needs. Additionally, Telegram has delved into innovative blockchain-based projects through the TON foundation. Noteworthy initiatives include the auction of premium usernames using TON Blockchain, enabling app usage without a SIM card. In September 2023, Telegram introduced a self-custodial crypto wallet on a global scale, excluding the U.S.

Looking ahead, Durov outlined Telegram’s ambitious plans to launch AI-powered chatbots for customer service, particularly targeting business users. The company is committed to investing in AI technology to address moderation challenges that occasionally plague the platform, showcasing Telegram’s dedication to enhancing user experience and maintaining a secure and engaging environment. 

Written by Sophie Blake


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