The Most Searched Games on Google in 2021

Google, the most popular search engine of the world, has revealed the most searched games worldwide in 2021. 

According to the list, the most searched game on Google in 2021 was the web-based game PopCat.

PopCat, where you make the cat shout by clicking on the screen, has simple mechanics. In the game, you compete with the users in other countries and try to beat them. In the second place of the ranking is the football game FIFA 22. The production, which is the second most searched game of 2021, draws attention with its graphics and gameplay. 

Battlefield 2042, the war game that could not meet the expectations, is in 3rd place.

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Here are the games listed in the top 10:

1) PopCat

2) FIFA 22

3) Battlefield 2042

4) モンハン ライズ (Monster Hunter Rise)

5) Resident Evil Village

6) Genshin Impact

7) Call of Duty: Vanguard

8) Far Cry 6

9) Madden NFL 22

10) Metroid Dread

Google has also revealed the rankings for the non-game categories. You can find search results for other categories here

Written by Jordan Bevan


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