DoubleVerify, IAS to offer Netflix advertisers quality measurement

Netflix is taking its partnerships with ad tech companies DoubleVerify and Integral Ad Science to a new level to help advertisers maximize the performance of their campaigns on its video streaming platform.

On Monday, digital media measurement company DoubleVerify announced that it’ll offer its measurement solutions for all Netflix advertisers so that they can avoid ad fraud and invalid traffic, and make sure their ads are seen by real people.

Mark Zagorski, Chief Executive Officer of DoubleVerify, said: “Netflix is one of the world’s largest streaming services and we are excited that our industry-leading solutions are now widely available for their advertisers. Our partnership ensures that campaigns on Netflix fulfill essential quality standards that drive optimal outcomes. At DoubleVerify, we are committed to delivering innovative, accredited, and independent quality measurement products that maximize advertising performance. We continue to expand our unmatched coverage across CTV platforms like Netflix, and wherever advertisers engage consumers of premium video.

In a separate statement, digital media quality company Integral Ad Science announced that it has launched Viewability and Invalid Traffic verification for Netflix’s $7 ad-supported subscription plan.

Lisa Utzschneider, CEO of Integral Ad Science, commented: “Marketers now have powerful new tools to ensure that the ads they run on Netflix are engaging viewers. By launching this partnership, advertisers can invest with confidence as they look to expand their media strategies to Netflix’s premium inventory.

Netflix first announced its partnerships with DoubleVerify and IAS in October last year, prior to the launch of its ad-supported plan.

The streaming giant also partnered with Microsoft to bring the tier to life, but a recent report from Digiday suggests that it is planning to build its own ad server and switch to it after the Microsoft deal ends in 2024.

First launched in November, Netflix’s cheaper plan is now available in 12 markets, and has reached 1 million monthly active users in the United States alone, according to Bloomberg.

A previous report from Antenna revealed that it was Netflix’s least popular plan in November, accounting for only 9% of its US subscribers, so it seems to be gaining momentum despite a slow start.

But Netflix doesn’t expect its ad business to skyrocket its revenue instantly. While announcing its financial results for the fourth quarter of 2022, the company said that ‘’it’s a multi-year path’’ and that they believe ads will eventually account for 10% of its revenue.

Meanwhile, IAS and DoubleVerify also partnered with Elon Musk’s Twitter in January to offer advertisers tweet-level analysis.

Written by Tuna Cetin


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