Twitter partners with IAS, DoubleVerify to offer tweet-level analysis

Elon Musk-owned Twitter has extended its partnerships with digital ad tech and verification companies Integral Ad Science (IAS) and DoubleVerify to offer advertisers in-feed brand safety and suitability measurement, which will help them find out if their ads appear next to problematic content.

The news comes at a time Twitter’s ad business is facing challenges as many advertisers either halted their campaigns or cut their ad spending. The Information reported last week that Twitter lost more than 500 top advertisers after Musk’s takeover in October. And according to recent data from Standard Media Index, ad spending on Twitter dropped by 55% Y/Y in November and 71% in December.

Commenting on the partnership, Craig Ziegler, Integral Ad Science’s SVP of Product, said: “Marketers are looking for confidence to continue to invest in Twitter and eventually grow their investment… and that is what this is all about.’’

Mark Zagorski, Chief Executive Officer of DoubleVerify, said: ‘’Advertisers are demanding comprehensive brand safety and suitability solutions in user-generated content environments. Greater brand and content alignment support campaign performance and ultimately, deliver superior outcomes. We are excited to provide brand safety and suitability measurement for Twitter advertisers – in line with our mission to make the Internet stronger, safer and more secure.

In late September, many companies like Dyson, Mazda, Forbes and PBS Kids reportedly stopped their ad campaigns on Twitter or removed them from some parts of the platform after their ads appeared next to content that solicited child pornography, Reuters reported at the time.

In December, Twitter introduced its new ad controls to allow advertisers to prevent their ads from appearing next to tweets that include specific keywords.

Written by Maya Robertson


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