The 10 Best Tennis Games for Android

Tennis, which is an Olympic sport, started to be played in England in the 1800s. Tennis is a popular sport today and an enjoyable game to play and watch. We have listed the magnificent tennis games for you that will not be missing from the phones of tennis lovers. Here are the best tennis games for Android!

Tennis Club Story

Price: $5.99

Tennis Club Story is one of the games that tennis lovers will enjoy and ranks first in the best tennis games for Android. Players will customize their training menus to improve their techniques. Players will improve with many factors such as competitions, sponsors, and fame in the game.

Tennis Club Story on Google Play

Virtua Tennis Challenge

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: $1.99

Virtua Tennis Challenge offers a realistic tennis experience with amazing 3D graphics. The game features 50 players and 18 stadiums from all over the world. Players will try to beat the best tennis players and make their most tactical shots. Virtua Tennis Challenge comes with many modes such as training mode, quick match mode, exhibition match, multiplayer and SPT world tour.

Virtua Tennis Challenge on Google Play

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Ultimate Tennis

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $94.99

Ultimate Tennis is a complete tennis game and is among the best tennis games for Android. The game comes with eye-catching and realistic graphics. Ultimate Tennis has many game modes such as online mode, world tour, and league, and offers unique gaming experiences. Players can choose and customize Ultimate Tennis based on the gender and characteristics of their players.

Ultimate Tennis on Google Play

Tennis Manager Mobile

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $99.99

Tennis Manager Mobile is a game inspired by coach Patrick Mouratoglou. Players’ goal in Tennis Manager Mobile is to become the best tennis manager. Players will discover tennis superstars and build strong teams and tennis academies in the game. Players will invest in hiring top trainers, fitness trainers, and more to develop their professional teams. Also, the game offers the possibility to manage up to four different players.

Tennis Manager Mobile on Google Play

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Tennis World Open 2022 – Sport

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $69.99

Tennis World Open 2022 is a tennis game where those with tennis knowledge will get ahead and show themselves, and it is one of the best tennis games for Android. The game forces players to play tactically and technically because it is a game based on real tennis techniques and processes. Tennis World Open 2022 comes with four levels, great prizes, 16 popular tournaments, and more than 25 professional tennis players.

Tennis World Open 2022 – Sport on Google Play

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Cross Court Tennis 2

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: $2.99

Cross Court Tennis 2 is a realistic tennis game with technical details such as real ball physics, and pro-level ball speed and the game comes with high-quality graphics. The game offers levels such as beginner, intermediate and advanced for everyone to enjoy.

Furthermore, tennis lovers can choose their players’ characteristics such as skin tone, hair color, and clothing in Cross Court Tennis 2. Cross Court Tennis 2 offers 45 different opponents and 15 unique tournaments, and players can play the fun tennis experience on grass, clay, and hard courts.

Cross Court Tennis 2 on Google Play

TOP SEED Tennis Manager 2022

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $104.99

TOP SEED Tennis Manager 2022 is a successful tennis game that offers management experience like discovering young talents and managing the career of a tennis champion. In the game’s career mode, players will recruit professional tennis teams and manage their careers. Each opponent’s style and strengths are different, so players will develop and display different strategies for each.

TOP SEED Tennis Manager 2022 on Google Play

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Stick Tennis Tour

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $26.99

Stick Tennis Tour is an enjoyable tennis game and deserves to be one of the best tennis games for Android. Players will start the game by creating and customizing their characters and show their skills by going on a world tour. The game offers players personal coaches and special training to improve their skills. Additionally, Stick Tennis Tour comes with 80+ awesome venues and 180 players.

Stick Tennis Tour on Google Play

Stickman Tennis

Price: Free

Stickman Tennis is a fast-paced fun tennis game. The game comes with simple and powerful touch controls and offers players two running options, automatic and manual. Stickman Tennis has several set options, including short sets, full sets, and final short sets. Players will play tennis with 100 different opponents with different characteristics and participate in 64 tournaments in Stickman Tennis.

Stickman Tennis on Google Play

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Australian Open Game

Price: Free

Australian Open Game is an excellent tennis game that tennis lovers will enjoy. Players will choose their own players and compete against tough opponents by participating in the full Australian Open tournament. The game allows the opening of all groups registered for the Australian Open tournament.

Australian Open Game on Google Play

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