The 10 Best iOS Board Games


Digital board games which will be enjoyed by those who love board games, come with interesting, beautiful, fun, and unusual concepts. Unlike real board games, digital board games that are more thought-provoking and exploratory offer a variety of concepts in a style appropriate for everyone. Gamers can either manage a factory or build a planet for a more creative experience. What about board games that fit your style? If you’re curious, keep reading our diverse and popular list of board games we’ve prepared for you. Here are the best iOS board games.

Raiders of the North Sea

Price: $9.99

Raiders of the North Sea is a challenging and one of the best iOS board games. The game directs players to form a crew and launch raids. Players will raid settlements and equip boats to collect gold. Raiders of the North Sea collect two resources per turn. Players will fight the legendary Valkyrie and strategize to survive.

Raiders of the North Sea on the App Store


Price: $6.99

Istanbul is a game that has received many awards and has attracted the attention of Istanbul fans. Players are ruby-collecting merchants and have tasks such as running, collecting, and trading goods in the bazaar in Istanbul. Game lovers will guide a merchant and his four assistants to 16 places in the bazaar in Istanbul. The game has beautiful illustrations and a cross-platform online multiplayer mode that deserves to be among the best iOS board games.

Istanbul (Acram) on the App Store

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Through the Ages 

Price: $9.99

Through the Ages is the official adaptation of Vlaada Chvátil’s strategy classic. The game starts with a small tribe, and players aim to create better and bigger governments by improving farms, mines, technological advances, and more. Through the Ages is a powerful civilization-building game for players who want to make history.

Through the Ages on the App Store

Yellow & Yangtze 

Price: $9.99

Yellow & Yangtze is a successful board game set in the Warring States period of ancient China and is among the best iOS board games. Players must place and well-manage tiles such as farmers, artisans, traders, soldiers, and governors to expand their empire in the game. As players expand their kingdoms, they will wage wars on neighboring states and build pagodas to increase their prestige.

Yellow & Yangtze on the App Store

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Price: $5.99

Brass is a board game that offers a challenging economy game experience. Players will play as an entrepreneur dealing with various sectors in the industrial revolution. Players will choose which sector to concentrate on among various sectors such as cotton mills, coal, and mining, or ports and shipyards in the game. Game lovers will try to increase their earnings by making plenty of developments and trading in Brass.

Brass on the App Store

Steam: Rails to Riches

Price: $4.99

Steam: Rails to Riches is a multi-award-winning board game about the management of a railroad company. Players will build railways, issue stocks, and ensure the delivery of goods by rail in the game. Gamers will try to control the widest network while trying to finance the most powerful locomotives. Steam: Rails to Riches forces players to set up logical strategies.

Steam: Rails to Riches on the App Store

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Price: $9.99

Wingspan is a relaxing game, and birds are its main theme. Wingspan is played for up to 1-5 players, and the aim of the players is to discover the best birds. In the game, players will take on the role of a bird enthusiast, trying to lure birds into your wildlife protection net.

Wingspan on the App Store


Price: $1.99


Tokaido which is developed by Funforge the original publisher of the board game offers gamers unique, immersive, real-time, and 3D graphics. Players will play as passengers walking from Kyoto to Edo in Tokaido. The game offers players stunning views during their journey and allows them to taste numerous specialties. Players must follow more accurate and effective strategies than their opponents to win in Tokaido.

Tokaido on the App Store

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Terraforming Mars

Price: $8.99

Terraforming Mars is a survival game on Mars and is among the best iOS board games. Players take part in the Mars terraforming project in a company in Terraforming Mars. The responsibilities of the players include managing and using resources, managing large constructions, creating cities, creating oceans, creating forests, and more.

Patchwork (Digidiced) on the App Store

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