Funmoth Games raises investment with a valuation of 1 million GBP

Funmoth Games, founded in the USA by 2 Turkish entrepreneurs, has raised its first investment with a valuation of 1 million GBP from WePlay Ventures, which invested in early-stage game studios, and London-based game publisher Matchingham Games.

Funmonth Games, which develops casual and mid-core games for mobile platforms, is preparing to launch its new game “Hit and Boom”, of which the development processes have been completed to a great extent with the investment they have raised.

In addition to the experienced team structure and successful game projects, a collaboration of WePlay Ventures and Matchingham Games will bring Funmoth Games to an important position in the gaming industry in Turkey.

The startup, which takes a different perspective on the popular multiplayer online battle arena games in recent years, aims to present one of the successful examples of this genre with “Hit and Boom”. The game, a multiplayer war game played in 3vs3 with robot characters that can be designed according to the request of the players, offers a fun game experience as well as a simple playable structure that appeals to a wide audience.

Founded to make AA and AAA quality games, Funmoth Games is preparing to expand its team and launch its games in closed beta with the investment they have raised. It aims to carry the “Hit and Boom” game to a level that can be scaled in the global market with advertisements that will start after the launch and developments such as new game modes, robot characters, and maps.

“We are very happy to have raised investments from two important institutions in different verticals of the gaming industry.”

Dogukan Yelseli, the co-founder of Funmoth Games, stated that they have been in the game industry for a long time and have taken part in many game startups and said, “We feel and use the advantage of this situation at numerous points. We are very experienced in what we should do and what not to do. Now, we are looking forward to presenting our project, which we have been planning and developing for years, to the players.” 

Co-founder of Funmoth Games, Tolga Ozturk said, “We believe in our work and our team. We are also very happy to raised investments from two important institutions in different verticals of the gaming industry, such as WePlay Ventures and Matchingham Games. With their support, we aim to bring our games to global success and introduce the name Funmoth Games to the world.”

Written by Jordan Bevan


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