The 10 Best Basketball Games for Android

Among the mobile basketball games, there are games where you can play street matches and one-on-one matches, prepare game tactics and stay alone with the hoop. In this article, we have listed the best basketball games for Android, which will both increase your competitiveness and allow you to spend your time in the most enjoyable way.

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NBA 2K Mobile Basketball Game

Offering a realistic basketball gaming experience, NBA 2K Mobile Basketball is one of the best basketball games for Android. You can play with other players in the game, which reflects the basketball atmosphere very successfully with the details it has during the match. Featuring many game modes including 3-on-3 freestyle basketball in crews mode and 5-on-5 matchups, NBA 2K Mobile Basketball has console quality graphics and very successful gameplay. There are also customization options in the mobile basketball game, which is offered for free.

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball Game on Google Play

NBA Live Mobile Basketball

EA continues to make successful sports games in the mobile world. You can play three-on-three matches with NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball, the official NBA mobile game. With the team you created, you participate in special NBA events, try to fulfill the tasks, fight hard and compete for the top. As you achieve success in the game, you can earn new players, positions and coins.

NBA LIVE on Google Play

Basketball Arena

A unique basketball experience from the developers of the hit Head Ball 2 game. In the Basketball Arena mobile basketball game, where you can play one-on-one matches with real players, not only your skills but also your superpowers compete. As you achieve success, you can surprise your opponent with the superpowers you gain and make a cool dunk before he knows what it is. Moreover, the game is completely free.

Basketball Arena on Google Play

All-Star Basketball

Forget everything. Just you and the hoop. Time is limited. How many points will you be able to score in the given time? You can bring your shooting skills to the mobile world with the All-Star Basketball mobile basketball game. You can gain new powers and customize your player as you progress in the game, which draws attention with its successful 3D graphics. The most striking point of the game is that you are shooting with real NBA players in many enjoyable places.

All-Star Basketball on Google Play

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Dude Perfect 2

In the Dude Perfect 2 mobile basketball game inspired by the American Dude Perfect comedy group, your players are the Dude Perfect team. You shoot with your players, sometimes in a farmhouse, sometimes on an airport runway. As you progress, you can make your shots much stronger with the superpowers you gain.

Dude Perfect 2 on Google Play

Rival Stars Basketball

As in all sports, the most important thing in basketball is intelligence along with power. Rival Stars Basketball, one of the best basketball games for Android, is a game based on tactical intelligence. You have cards for players of different strengths. You have to place these cards so well that players know your opponent’s most vulnerable and strong points and do exactly what they need to do.

Rival Stars Basketball on Google Play

Stickman Basketball

In the Stickman Basketball mobile basketball game, you fight with small, black, skinny players called Stickman. Choose one of 115 teams with different strengths and start the fight. Throughout the season, you will play challenging matches, participate in tournaments, control the players, enjoy simple animations, and take firm steps towards the championship.

Stickman Basketball on Google Play

Basketball Stars

Developed by Miniclip, Basketball Stars is one of the most popular basketball games on the Android platform. In the game where you can fight with other players in real time, the player with the most points wins the match. You can also customize your character’s appearance in the free game.

Basketball Stars on Google Play

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Basketball Battle

Next in our list of the best basketball games for Android is Basketball Battle, an arcade-style PvP basketball game featuring two players on one court. In the game which has more than 100 unique courts, you can compete in online live events and travel the country competing in tournaments. In the game where you race against time, your goal is to outscore your opponent. It’s worth mentioning for those with a larger phone that the game also supports split-screen multiplayer. 

Basketball Battle on Google Play

Street Basketball Association

The Street Basketball Association mobile basketball game, played with Asian characters that we are familiar with from arcade games, has a nostalgic feel. First of all, you play street basketball, so the rules are flexible. If you wish, you can play real-time matches with your friends or with players from a different part of the world. The goal is simple: to smash everyone and become a leader.

Street Basketball Association on Google Play

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