The Best Indie Games of 2022

Indie games are games made by teams with a smaller budget and fewer employees, with a story to tell and generally a good story. For this reason, many game lovers support indie games. While many big game giants were hurt during the last pandemic period, independent productions turned this into an advantage. Teams that are easier to control and used to working remotely have produced very successful games in this epidemic. With so much sympathy and support, let’s take a look at the best indie games of 2022.


Stray, developed by BlueTwelve, was named the best indie game of 2022 at The Game Awards. The idea of being a stray cat in the cyber world attracted a lot of attention when the game was first announced, and this idea, combined with the magnificent world and narrative of the game, created an inedible piece of work.

Cult of the Lamb

A dark roguelike besides the cuteness of its looks, Massive Monster’s Cult of the Lamb became quite popular. Combining the management simulation and roguelike genre, the game also provides players with replayability.

Rogue Legacy 2

Rogue Legacy 2 is the sequel to the successful Rogue Legacy series that debuted in 2013. The series, which has a great place in the popularization of roguelike games, has succeeded in transferring its genetics in the sequel and produced an effective game.


Sifu, the most anticipated and highly praised game of the year, is one of the best indie games of 2022 with its successful combat system, a structure that draws you in, allowing you to continue the game even when you lose, and a beautifully rendered story.

Chained Echoes

Chained Echoes, by Matthias Linda, won the appreciation of most JRPG fans with its 16-bit world, advanced combat system and boss battles. Although you may have overlooked it, if you like role-playing games, you should take a look at Chained Echoes.

Neon White

Neon White is a game that received three nominations at The Game Awards. Neon White, a first-person shooter and puzzle game developed by Angel Matrix, has gained acclaim in the industry and among gamers with its style, story and gameplay that excite anime lovers.

Escape Academy

Escape Academy is a multiplayer puzzle game developed by Coin Crew Games. The game is an indie option where you can play with its attractive visual structure and the pleasure of solving puzzles with your friends.

Nobody Saves the World

Nobody Saves the World is a role-playing game where we witness the story of the main character Nobody. Playing a shape-shifting main character is both fun and challenging, keeping you hooked to the game. DrinkBox Studios, the producer who added extra content to the story with the additional packages coming towards the end of the year, should be congratulated for this successful game.

Vampire Survivors

Developed by Luca Galante, Vampire Survivors was one of the most popular indie games after Stray at The Game Awards. In the game aimed at Castlevania lovers, you destroy the waves of enemies and develop your character. Although the gameplay seems simple, it allows you to play it again and again with its structure that will immerse you for hours.

Return the Monkey Island

Return the Monkey Island is the last game in the Monkey Island series developed by LucasArts in 1990 and made by different developers over the years. The adventure game developed by Terrible Toybox returns to adventure. With high review scores and multiple nominations and an award, it captures both veterans and newcomers who love to play a successful indie franchise.

Citizen Sleeper

Last in our list of the best indie games of 2022 is Citizen Sleeper. It has a visually pleasing visual structure with the character design of Guilluame Singelin, developed by Jump Over The Age. It would be more logical to say in the cyber world or in space, it makes the players think about the sick structure of capitalism. The game, which is already affordable, offers more than one reason to play itself when it comes to Xbox Game Pass.

Written by Jordan Bevan


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