The 10 Best Free Match 3 Games

Are you ready to discover a delightful journey through the enchanting world of match-3 games? Look no further, because we’ve curated a selection of ‘The Best Free Match 3 Games’ that will undoubtedly satisfy your craving for puzzle-solving and gem-matching excitement. In this review, we’ll dive into a vibrant universe of colorful candies, charming characters, and thrilling challenges. Whether you’re a seasoned match-3 enthusiast or new to the genre, these games offer hours of immersive entertainment without costing a dime. Without further ado, here are the best free match 3 games!

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga, the legendary Match 3 puzzle game by King, has captivated millions worldwide. With over a trillion levels played, it is one of the best free match 3 games. This addictive game lets you match, pop, and blast candies, challenging your quick thinking and smart matching skills. With sugar bonuses and candy combos, the rewards keep coming. Beat thousands of puzzles, compete against friends, and keep your sugar fix coming with new challenges every two weeks.

Candy Crush Saga on Google Play

Candy Crush Saga on the App Store

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile combines the thrill of Pokémon battles with the fun of match 3 puzzles. Line up three or more Pokémon to battle against wild Pokémon. It’s not just casual gameplay; it’s hours of fun as you collect, level up, and enjoy lots of stages with various levels of challenges. With intuitive gameplay and cute graphics, it’s a must-try for Pokémon fans.

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile on Google Play

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile on the App Store

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Homescapes, a heartwarming game from Playrix’s Scapes™ series, invites you to solve match-3 puzzles to restore a mansion. Renovate and decorate rooms by beating colorful match-3 levels, unlocking exciting family story chapters. Enjoy unique gameplay, interior design choices, and fantastic characters. Invite friends to create a cozy atmosphere and give the old mansion a complete makeover. It’s a game that lets you match, renovate, and create your dream house, and it is among the best free match 3 games.

Homescapes on Google Play

Homescapes on the App Store


Fishdom is one of the best free match 3 games. This free match-3 game lets you decorate aquariums and create cozy homes for talking fish. Challenge yourself with hundreds of levels, compete with other players, and enjoy the company of funny 3D fish. With no Wi-Fi needed, it’s perfect for on-the-go gaming. Play Fishdom to match, decorate, and make your underwater world shine!

Fishdom on Google Play

Fishdom on the App Store

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Match Masters ‎- PvP Match 3

Match Masters is Match 3, reinvented! Play live against friends and opponents worldwide in online PvP match 3 battles. It’s a new way to play, where your moves affect not only your score but also your opponent’s game. Use incredible power-ups, join tournaments, and compete against friends.

Match Masters ‎- PvP Match 3 on Google Play

Match Masters ‎- PvP Match 3 on the App Store

Farm Heroes Saga

From the makers of Candy Crush Saga, Pet Rescue Saga, and Bubble Witch 3 Saga, Farm Heroes Saga is a delightful match 3 puzzle game that combines farming and fun. Match cute Cropsies to solve puzzles and save the farm from Rancid the Raccoon. With hero mode, boss battles, and adorable animals, it offers thousands of levels and challenges. Play with friends or compete in leaderboards to prove you’re the best at match 3 puzzles.

Farm Heroes Saga on Google Play

Farm Heroes Saga on the App Store

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Jewels Legend

Jewels Legend is the ultimate match-3 game that’s loved by both children and adults. It ranks among the best free match 3 games. With well-designed puzzles and stunning jewel effects, it’s a jewel-crushing adventure. Match jewels in various ways, collect magical boosters, and complete levels to earn stars. Explore thousands of levels, play at your own pace, and enjoy addictive gameplay.

Jewels Legend on Google Play

Jewels Legend on the App Store

Indy Cat Match-3

Indy Cat is a magical match-3 adventure to find the Ball of Fate, and it is considered among the best free match 3 games. Complete levels, make gem combinations and solve puzzles in this free game. You can also challenge friends, share bonuses, and enjoy graphically impressive gameplay. Help Indy Cat complete his quest and find the magical artifact in this captivating match-3 game.

Indy Cat Match-3 on Google Play

Indy Cat Match-3 on the App Store

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Match 3 Jewels

Match 3 Jewels offers classic gem-matching fun, and it deserves to be among the best free Match 3 games. Eliminate obstacles, let candy fall, and complete levels to earn stars. With various level types and challenges, you’ll stay engaged. The game is completely free, so there are no in-app purchases. Play at your own pace and make matches of 4 or 5 to launch meteors, creating satisfying chain reactions.

Match 3 Jewels on Google Play

Match 3 Jewels on the App Store

Heroes of Match 3

Heroes of Match-3 takes you to a medieval world with a sweet history and epic feats. Match sweets, complete thousands of levels, and challenge players in tournaments. The game offers a gripping storyline, eye-pleasing graphics, and fun gameplay. With daily tasks, bonuses, and various level types, it’s always entertaining. Play alone or with friends, and sync your progress across platforms.

Heroes of Match 3 on Google Play

Heroes of Match 3 on the App Store

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