The 7 Best Filmmaking Apps for Android

In this article, we have reviewed the most valuable and popular filmmaking apps for our readers who want to make movies. We have brought you the best filmmaking apps for Android that increase efficiency in the filmmaking process, such as finding the right light and location, professional video editing, and facilitating script writing. Here are the best!

Adobe Premiere Rush: Video

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $34.99

Adobe Premiere Rush Video

Adobe Premiere Rush: Video is a handy filmmaking app that includes powerful tools. Video cropping, flipping, speed adjustment, color enhancement, and other features are available in the app. The app allows users to change the scale and position of their videos. The app features animated graphics and allows you to change the color, font, size, and other settings.

Adobe Premiere Rush: Video contains thousands of royalty-free music and sound effects, as well as a multi-view timeline feature for editing videos. Users can share their edited videos directly on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook.

Adobe Premiere Rush: Video on Google Play

KineMaster-Video Editor&Maker

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $79.99

KineMaster-Video Editor & Maker is a fantastic video editing app that contains video cutting, merging, effects, pictures, music, stickers, text, and more, and is one of the best filmmaking apps for Android. Users can use powerful and professional features such as speed control, chroma key (green screen), background removal, and keyframe animation with the app. 

Users can improve their videos with transition effects, color adjustments, and color filters using KineMaster-Video Editor & Maker. The app includes tens of thousands of video templates and allows users to save their edits as 4K 60FPS video.

KineMaster-Video Editor&Maker on Google Play

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PowerDirector – Video Editor

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $249.99

PowerDirector is a full-featured video editing app that among the best filmmaking apps for Android. The app allows you to edit and export videos in 4K resolution. PowerDirector lets users speed up or slow down videos. The app includes over 4300 customizable video templates. The app has a video stabilizer feature so users can fix shaky camera images effortlessly. PowerDirector also allows users to create video collages, slideshows, and other multimedia projects.

PowerDirector – Video Editor on Google Play

LumaFusion: Pro Video Editing

Price: $29.99/In-App Purchase: Up to $69.99

LumaFusion is an excellent filmmaking app that provides professional-quality video editing. The app features a powerful magnetic timeline and determines the number of layers based on the type of device you use. In LumaFusion, users can create their effects or use pre-made effects. Layer effects include luma and chroma keys, green screen, blur, styles, colors, and distortion.

Users can use the app to create smooth slow motion using 120 and 240 fps files, as well as easily edit the speed of videos. Users can create an unlimited number of projects with various aspect ratios like widescreen, square, portrait, and landscape.

LumaFusion: Pro Video Editing on Google Play

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DubScript Screenplay Writer

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $9.99

DubScript Screenplay Writer

DubScript Screenplay Writer is a professional script editor with open standards. DubScript Screenplay Writer is a beneficial app for writers of movies, TV shows, and online scripted projects, among other things. The app contains over 900 fonts, and the editor provides users with automatic suggestions. The app works without an internet connection and saves projects directly to users’ devices.

The app integrates with other text editors and can output to PDF, .FDX, HTML, or printers. DubScript Screenplay Writer has scene and character reports, a dialogue scanner, statistics, script reading, and a plethora of other advanced features. Check out the website of DubScript Screenplay Writer for more detailed information.

DubScript Screenplay Writer on Google Play

Sun Surveyor (Sun & Moon)

Price: Free

Sun Surveyor Sun Moon

Sun Surveyor (Sun & Moon) is a great app that helps filmmakers and photographers capture perfect shots. The app assists users in finding the best locations for their shots. With Sun Surveyor, users can easily determine the position of the moon and sun in the sky and make efficient use of natural light (Sun & Moon).

The app displays sunrise and sunset times, as well as the golden hour, blue hour, moonrise, and sunset times. Sun Surveyor (Sun & Moon) provides photographers and filmmakers with an interactive list of critical times, allowing them to access the best times in the app without doing any additional research. Visit Sun Surveyor’s website to learn more.

Sun Surveyor (Sun & Moon) on Google Play

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ActionDirector – Video Editing

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $24.99

ActionDirector is a fantastic app for recording and editing video and deserves to be among the best filmmaking apps for Android. Users can adjust the brightness, saturation, and contrast settings of their videos with ActionDirector. The app allows adding borders, text, titles, and shadows to videos and has animated stickers. Users can edit their videos in slow motion or fast motion with the app’s precise speed control feature.

ActionDirector – Video Editing on Google Play

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