All Valheim Bosses to Defeat

Valheim is one of the best viking games that you can play with your friends as it combines exploration, superbuilding and survival mechanics. In this article, we will look at all Vallheim Bosses in order and how to summon and defeat them. 



Eikthyr is known as the first Boss in the game. A newcomer to Valheim first spawns in the Meadows biome, and the gigantic deer equipped with these chains becomes your first major enemy. To summon Eikthyr, it is enough to place two deer trophies on its altar.

Defeating Eikthyr is pretty simple to begin with. Make sure you make a shield to protect yourself and withstand their attacks for a while. You will then easily defeat your first Boss. Defeating Eikthyr will grant you powers that increase your stamina while running and jumping.

The Elder

the elder

Located in the skies of the Black Forest, The Elder will be your second Boss in the game. You can use the ancient seeds, which you can find by destroying the gray dwarf nests, to summon this monster.

The Elder’s trick is fire. Yes, you heard right. This huge beast is highly vulnerable to fire damage. Put on your armor and take some flaming arrows with you, and that’s it! Defeating The Elder will grant you an ability to increase your wood cutting speed.

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Bonemass, which you can find around the swamp, will appear as the third Boss in Valheim with his sticky appearance. You can find the location of this giant monster with the rune stone you can find in the swamp thanks to the cellar key that fell after defeating The Elder.

Bonemass is quite weak against poison and ice arrows. That’s why you might consider taking some poison and some ice arrows with you after you don your armor. We also need to remind you that this huge beast inflicted poison damage on you. It will give you an ability to resist physical damage after defeating it.



Moder, who resides at the top of the mountain biome, can be summoned with three dragon eggs. Even if it is annoying with its constant floating and scary dragon appearance, it is the most important step on the way to the last Boss.

Your most important trump card against Moder, whose body you can pierce with poisonous arrows, is to be resistant to the cold. The mountain biome is a very cold region. So make sure you have your cold-resistant items with you. Defeating Moder will give you the ability to control the wind. More precisely, you will gain a feature that will allow you to constantly take the wind behind you while traveling by ship.



Yagluth is the last Boss to be found in Valheim. This giant skeleton with a very scary appearance will give you tough moments. Yagluth in Plains can be summoned with totems.

Since Yagluth is the last Boss in the game, it is useful to have the best and most equipped equipment. Take lots of potions and health recovery items with you. Again, the easiest method is of course to avoid attacks and to do as much damage as possible with arrows.

We’ve come to the end of our All Valheim Bosses list. Which boss did you defeat last? Which is your favorite? Let’s meet in the comments.

Written by Jordan Bevan


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