Agentio raises $4.25M in seed funding to revolutionize creator content advertising

Arthur Leopold, CEO & Co-Founder and Jonathan Meyers, CTO & Co-Founder

Agentio, a startup focused on transforming the advertising of paid creator content, has successfully secured $4.25 million in seed funding. The company offers a programmatic platform that simplifies the process of buying and selling sponsored creator-read ads, seamlessly integrated with YouTube content. This platform combines the buying interface for sponsored content from celebrities, much like Cameo, with the automated ad technology from Spotify, functioning as a self-serve platform.

One of the prominent challenges Agentio addresses is related to host-read ads. These are ad placements within video content that creators cannot sell through Google AdSense, limiting their advertising opportunities. Typically, YouTube creators sell host-read ads for just a fraction of their inventory. Agentio employs programmatic technology to automate the buying and selling of these valuable host-read ads, bridging the gap between creators and advertisers.

The company has noted strong demand for host-read ads, with advertisers reportedly experiencing 15 times better returns on ad spend from sponsored creator content compared to traditional mid-roll ads.

Agentio operates a marketplace where creators can list ad slots for their upcoming content. Buyers can then make purchases or leverage an AI-based algorithm to match their ads with relevant creators. After a purchase is made, the creator records the ad, which is then uploaded to the platform for approval by the advertiser.

While the platform is currently in beta, a broader release is planned for the end of this year. Agentio aims to onboard top YouTube advertisers and creators that align with their existing advertiser base.

The company intends to utilize the funding to extend the platform’s compatibility beyond YouTube to other media channels, including Twitch, Discord, and Snapchat. The seed funding round was co-led by Craft Ventures and AlleyCorp, with participation from well-known industry figures and investors, positioning Agentio for a promising future in the advertising space.

Similarly, Sincera, a media telemetry service focused on enhancing companies’ competitive performance, has secured $4.2 million in seed funding. In an exciting collaboration, Sincera will team up with The Trade Desk to develop an innovative Made-for-Advertising (MFA) detection model, aiming to set new industry standards.

Written by Gizem Yılmaz


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