4 Tips For Sending Mobile Push Notifications To Engage With Users

Users downloaded your mobile app. Great! So what’s next? In order for your success to continue, you need to continue engaging with your users and push notifications are very important during this interaction process. As long as you have an effective strategy, mobile push notifications will increase the lifetime of your mobile application.

In today’s article, we will share with you 4 gold tips so that you can get maximum efficiency from your mobile push notifications. Let’s start!

1. Use The Correct Communication Language

When preparing messages to include in push notifications, you should use a language that creates value and attracts attention. Therefore, it would be reasonable to focus on the expectations and needs of people who use your mobile application. Be sure to consider the comments made about your application. You can get help from app stores and social media.

Also, make sure that the language of your instant notifications is the same as the language you use in your mobile application.

Just don’t forget that if you do not use the correct communication language while creating your mobile push notifications, you can cause your users to uninstall your application instead of interacting with them.

2) Send Your Push Notifications At The Right Time

Timing is very important when sending mobile push notifications, as in almost all areas. If you send your notifications at the right time, you will get more efficient results. While determining this right time, you can review the usage statistics of your application.

According to many studies, the best time to send mobile push notifications is between 7 am-10 am and 6 pm-10 pm.

However, the usage statistics of your application will still provide you with healthier data.

3) Encourage Users to Take Action

Did you publish a new update? Do you have a new offer? You can easily inform your users with mobile push notifications.

But in doing so, you should definitely encourage users to take action. As we said above, use a language that creates value and attracts attention. Otherwise, your push notifications will be lost in the notification bar.

4) Segment Your Users

It is useful to segment your users when sending mobile push notifications. Because it makes more sense to send a notification about the X feature to your users who are interested in this feature the most and to send a notification about the Y feature to users who are interested in it the most. 

Mobile push notifications are very important in the success of mobile applications. Do not forget to use these tips to increase your success!

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Written by Maya Robertson


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