Facebook Now Sends Notifications To Users For Third-Party Logins

Facebook has become a virtual identity that provides easy access to third-party sites. Now, you can log in with your Facebook account to many websites in just seconds. But at this point, you share your private information with both these sites you visit and with Facebook. In order to raise awareness about personal data sharing, Facebook is now sending notifications to users when they login to third-party sites.

It has become a common habit to log in to different sites with a Facebook account. But when you log in to third-party sites with your Facebook account, these sites have access to many of your personal information. The social media giant Facebook has made a radical decision on the issue.

Facebook now sends notifications to users when they login to third-party websites. These notifications will show users which applications or sites they are logged in to and what information they share. Users can also remove permissions if they wish.

What do you think about this step of Facebook?

Written by Maya Robertson


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