14 Upcoming iOS Games

Welcome aboard! In this review, we are diving into an exciting topic: ‘Upcoming iOS Games.’ The world of mobile gaming is ever-evolving, and on the iOS platform, thrilling games are constantly emerging. In this article, we will introduce you to the latest and most intriguing iOS games, taking a sneak peek at what awaits us in the realm of upcoming games. Without further ado, here are the upcoming iOS games!

Upcoming iOS Games

  1. Brixity
  2. The Isle Tide Hotel
  3. Defense Derby
  4. Pokemon Sleep
  5. Monster Hunter Now
  6. Unpacking
  7. Earth: Revival
  8. Anno: Mutationem
  9. Battle Crush
  10. Marvel World of Heroes
  11. MLB Perfect Inning 23
  12. Onde
  13. One Punch Man: World
  14. Poppy Playtime: Chapter 3


In “Brixity,” a sandbox city-building game developed by Studio Kingdom and published by Devsisters, players are tasked with the mission of rebuilding Earth, which collapsed 500 years ago. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the game offers a unique city-building experience where players have the opportunity to reconstruct a thriving civilization from the ruins.

With its initial release scheduled for August 24, 2023, “Brixity” will be available on various platforms. As city-building enthusiasts take on the role of architects and leaders, they will navigate through challenges, manage resources, and make crucial decisions to create a flourishing metropolis. The game’s engaging gameplay and immersive mechanics in the genre of city-building promise an exciting adventure as players work towards restoring the once-great planet Earth. To learn more about the game, visit Brixity’s website.

The Isle Tide Hotel

“The Isle Tide Hotel” is an intriguing live-action mystery game developed and published by Wales Interactive. Set for an initial release in August 2023, the game offers players a gripping narrative with elements of adventure, horror, and Full Motion Video (FMV) gameplay.

In the game, players step into the shoes of an absent father who must embark on a daring mission to save his teenage daughter, Eleanor Malone. She has fallen into the clutches of an eccentric cult that plans to carry out its final night at the Isle Tide Hotel. As the father, players must navigate through a suspenseful and chilling environment, making critical decisions that directly impact the story’s outcome. 

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Defense Derby

“Defense Derby” is one of the upcoming iOS games, and it is an innovative tower defense game developed and published by Krafton, set to be released in Q3 2023. Unlike traditional tower defense games, “Defense Derby” introduces players to action-packed 4-player Player vs. Player (PvP) battles, adding a whole new dimension of strategy, mind games, and synergy effects.

The game features a unique gameplay mechanic where each round starts with a “scouting stage.” During this stage, players engage in competitive bidding, vying against each other to recruit powerful units and assemble their squads. Strategic decision-making during the scouting stage is crucial, as it will determine the composition and strength of their defense.

Once the scouting stage is over, players must place their recruited units strategically within their castles. The placement of units is essential to leverage their special abilities effectively and withstand a series of relentless monster invasions. Players will need to adapt their tactics and formations to counter the opponents’ moves and secure victory. Check out Defense Derby on the App Store for pre-order.

Pokemon Sleep

“Pokemon Sleep” is among the popular upcoming iOS games, and it is an exciting mobile app developed by Select Button Inc. and published by The Pokemon Company. This app aims to bring a unique experience to players by combining the world of Pokemon with the realms of sleep and productivity.

With “Pokemon Sleep,” players can wake up to the delightful company of Pokemon every morning. The app utilizes the Pokemon GO Plus + accessory, enabling players to interact with the Pokemon world not only during the day with the classic Pokemon GO game but also during their sleeping hours.

During the night, “Pokemon Sleep” transforms the concept of sleep tracking by incorporating Pokemon-themed features. As players rest, their sleep patterns and data are monitored, offering a fun and immersive way to track sleep quality and duration. To learn more, go to Pokemon Sleep’s website.

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Monster Hunter Now

“Monster Hunter Now” is an exciting augmented reality (AR)-enabled RPG developed by Niantic Labs and published by Capcom. Set in the popular Monster Hunter franchise, this game takes players on a thrilling adventure that blurs the lines between the real world and the virtual realm.

In “Monster Hunter Now,” players will encounter formidable monsters as they explore the real world. Using the power of AR technology, these oversized creatures come to life, seamlessly integrated into the player’s surroundings. Armed with their favorite weapons, players must engage in epic battles to take down these mighty foes in a stylish and powerful manner.

The game encourages players to venture outdoors and explore their surroundings as they track down and confront these virtual beasts. It’s a groundbreaking experience that merges the excitement of the Monster Hunter series with the thrill of interacting with the real world. Explore Monster Hunter Now’s website to learn more.


“Unpacking” is a unique and calming puzzle game developed by Witch Beam and published by Humble Games and it stands out among the upcoming iOS games. The game offers players a serene and meditative experience, centered around the familiar process of unpacking possessions and arranging them in a new home.

In “Unpacking,” players are tasked with the satisfying task of unpacking various items from boxes and thoughtfully placing them in their designated spots within the living space. The game beautifully captures the sense of accomplishment and nostalgia that comes with the process of settling into a new home.

With no content descriptors, “Unpacking” provides an inclusive and relaxing gaming experience suitable for all audiences. Its simplicity and lack of stress-inducing elements make it a perfect choice for players seeking soothing and zen-like gameplay. Discover Unpacking’s website for more detailed information.

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Earth: Revival

“Earth: Revival” is a captivating sci-fi open-world survival game developed and published by Nuverse. Set on a post-apocalyptic Earth, the game presents players with a vast and ravaged world to explore and survive in.

In “Earth: Revival,” players immerse themselves in the role of survivors struggling to reclaim their once-thriving planet. The game offers a seamless open-world experience, inviting players to embark on an epic journey of exploration and discovery. As they traverse the desolate landscapes, players will encounter challenges, mysteries, and remnants of past civilizations.

Survival is a constant battle in “Earth: Revival.” Players must engage in intense third-person shooter combat, defending themselves against hostile entities and other survivors seeking limited resources. The game encourages strategic thinking and skillful combat as players strive to secure their existence in this harsh environment. Go to Earth: Revivals website to learn more.

Anno: Mutationem

“Anno: Mutationem” is an enthralling sci-fi action-adventure game with RPG elements, offering players an immersive and engaging gaming experience. Developed by ThinkingStars and published by Lightning Games, the game is set in a futuristic metropolis where players assume the role of Ann, a highly skilled and combat-trained lone wolf on a personal mission.

As Ann, players venture through the vast and visually stunning metropolis, engaging in action-packed sequences that blend fast-paced combat and platforming elements. The game’s RPG elements allow players to develop Ann’s abilities, enhancing her combat prowess and unlocking new skills.

“Anno: Mutationem” features a captivating storyline as Ann embarks on a personal and mysterious mission within the confines of the giant metropolis. Throughout her journey, players will encounter challenging enemies and unexpected allies as they unravel the secrets that lie within the city’s shadows. Visit Anno: Mutationem’s website to learn more details.

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Battle Crush

“Battle Crush” is an exhilarating action battle brawler developed and published by NCsoft Corporation, and it is among the upcoming iOS games. Set in a vibrant and fantastical world, the game features an ensemble cast of Greek and Roman mythological characters, immersing players in an epic showdown between legendary beings.

In “Battle Crush,” players take on the roles of powerful mythological characters, each equipped with unique abilities and skills. The game offers fast-paced action as players engage in intense battles against other players in a dynamic multiplayer environment.

As a free-to-play massively multiplayer game, “Battle Crush” provides an accessible and inclusive gaming experience for players of all levels of expertise. The casual nature of the gameplay ensures that both newcomers and seasoned gamers can enjoy the excitement of the battles. Browse Battle Crush’s website to learn more.

Marvel World of Heroes

“Marvel World of Heroes” offers players a thrilling opportunity to step into the shoes of a Marvel Super Hero in the real world. Developed by Niantic Labs and published by Disney Interactive Studios, the game allows players to create their own hero and embark on an extraordinary adventure.

In this unique simulation game, players become their own Marvel Super Hero, customizing their character with unique powers, abilities, and appearances. As the hero of their own story, players will patrol their real-world neighborhood, using augmented reality (AR) technology to uncover and foil crimes and battle against nefarious villains.

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MLB Perfect Inning 23

“MLB Perfect Inning 23” brings the exhilarating world of baseball to players worldwide, offering a head-to-head experience against other players in a competitive online setting. Developed and published by Com2Us, the game is the latest installment in the MLB Perfect Inning series, building upon the success of its predecessor, MLB Perfect Inning Ultimate.

With a focus on 3D visuals and animations, “MLB Perfect Inning 23” promises to enhance the player’s immersive gaming experience. Improvements to gameplay, the interface, and various aspects of the game are set to elevate the overall quality and enjoyment.

As players dive into the action, they can expect an authentic and engaging baseball simulation. The game captures the excitement of America’s favorite pastime by allowing players to participate in thrilling matches, showcasing their skills and strategic prowess and it stands out among the upcoming iOS games.


“Onde” offers players a captivating and unique gaming experience as they catch a wave in this smooth sound-surfing platformer. Developed by Lance and 3-50 and published by Mixtvision, the game transports players to a beautiful and enchanting world filled with wonders and inspired by the beauty of nature.

In “Onde,” players embark on a musical journey through magical environments that evoke a sense of awe and wonder. The game’s smooth and rhythmic gameplay creates a sense of harmony between the player and the mesmerizing landscapes.

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One Punch Man: World

“One Punch Man: World” invites players to witness the awe-inspiring power of Saitama, the legendary One-Punch Man, and his companions as they band together to defend the world from evil. Developed by Perfect World Entertainment and published by Crunchyroll Games, the game immerses players in a thrilling, action-packed experience.

As the iconic hero Saitama, players will unleash devastatingly powerful punches, obliterating enemies in a single strike. Join forces with Saitama’s friends and allies, each possessing their own unique abilities, and form an unstoppable team to take on the forces of darkness threatening the world.

Poppy Playtime: Chapter 3

In “Poppy Playtime: Chapter 3,” the horror-puzzle adventure continues, pushing players to the limits as they attempt to survive in the eerie and abandoned toy factory. Developed and published by MOB Games, this unique horror experience offers chilling gameplay and mind-bending puzzles.

As players explore the dark and haunting toy factory, they must stay vigilant and evade the vengeful toys lurking in the shadows. Each step is a test of nerve and wit, as the game challenges players to outsmart the menacing adversaries and make it out alive.

In this third chapter, players are armed with a GrabPack, a versatile tool that enables them to interact with their surroundings and hack electrical circuits. They can also use the GrabPack to snatch objects from afar, adding a strategic element to the gameplay.

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