The 15 Best Free Offline iPhone Games

Are you an iPhone user looking for thrilling games to play without worrying about an internet connection? Then you are at the right place! In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best 17 free offline iPhone games that guarantee endless fun, regardless of whether you’re on a long commute or stuck in an area with no internet access. These games have received high ratings and accolades from users worldwide, offering an immersive gaming experience right at your fingertips. Without further ado, here are the best free offline iPhone games!

The Best Free Offline iPhone Games

  1. Alto’s Odyssey
  2. Monument Valley 2
  3. Playdead’s LIMBO
  4. Crossy Road
  5. Subway Surfers
  6. Into the Dead 2
  7. Plague Inc.
  8. Shadow Fight 2
  9. Asphalt 9: Legends
  10. Smash Hit
  11. Jetpack Joyride
  12. The Room Two
  13. Badland
  14. Crashlands
  15. Mini Metro

Alto’s Odyssey

Price: $4.99

Alto’s Odyssey is one of the best free offline iPhone games that offers a captivating sandboarding experience. Set in mesmerizing landscapes, from serene deserts to majestic temples, the game immerses players in a visually stunning world.

Also, with its intuitive controls, Alto’s Odyssey provides a seamless gaming experience that allows you to unwind and escape from the daily grind. As you perform breathtaking tricks and collect elusive coins, the game’s dynamic weather system adds an extra layer of realism.

Alto’s Odyssey on the App Store

Monument Valley 2

Price: $3.99

Monument Valley 2 is an enchanting puzzle-solving adventure that enchants players with its stunning visuals and captivating gameplay. The game takes you on a journey through mesmerizing architecture, challenging your perception and problem-solving skills. 

Also, Monument Valley 2 has been widely praised for its artistic design, intriguing narrative, and offline accessibility, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a meditative and visually rewarding gaming experience on their iPhones.

Monument Valley 2 on the App Store

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Playdead’s LIMBO

Price: $3.99

Playdead’s LIMBO is a critically acclaimed game that offers an eerie and atmospheric platforming experience for iPhone users and stands out among the best free offline iPhone games. Set in a haunting monochromatic world, the game follows the journey of a young boy in search of his sister.

Moreover, As you progress through the eerie landscapes, you’ll encounter challenging puzzles and face mysterious creatures. Limbo’s unique art style and atmospheric sound design create a haunting ambiance, immersing players in its enigmatic storyline.

Playdead’s LIMBO on the App Store

Crossy Road

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: $2.99

Crossy Road brings back classic arcade fun in a modern and addictive style. The game’s simple yet engaging premise involves helping your character hop across busy roads, rivers, and railroad tracks. With each hop, you’ll encounter various obstacles and challenges, requiring quick reflexes and strategic thinking. 

Besides, the vibrant and charming voxel art style adds to the game’s appeal, attracting players of all ages. Crossy Road’s endless and progressively challenging gameplay keeps you hooked, and its offline capability ensures you can enjoy the game anywhere, anytime.

Crossy Road on the App Store

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Subway Surfers

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: $99.99

Subway Surfers is a fast-paced endless runner game that has taken the mobile gaming world by storm. Players can join the lively characters as they dash through bustling train stations and graffiti-covered subway tracks. With simple swipe controls, players navigate vibrant and ever-changing landscapes while avoiding obstacles and collecting coins. 

Additionally, regular updates and new locations keep the excitement fresh, ensuring that you’ll never get bored of this addicting game. The best part is that Subway Surfers can be played offline, allowing you to enjoy its thrilling gameplay even in areas without internet access.

Subway Surfers on the App Store

Into the Dead 2

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $19.99

Into the Dead 2 is an exciting game that offers a post-apocalyptic world filled with relentless zombies. This intense first-person shooter puts your survival skills to the test as you navigate through hordes of the undead and ranks among the best free offline iPhone games. 

Plus, with a wide range of weapons at players’ disposal, must make strategic choices to stay alive and complete various challenging missions. The game’s gripping storyline and stunning graphics ensure an immersive gaming experience. 

Into the Dead 2 on the App Store

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Plague Inc.

Price: ​​$0.99/In-App Purchase: Up to $12.99

In Plague Inc., players become the mastermind behind a deadly pandemic. The player’s objective is to infect the world with a lethal pathogen while evading scientists working on finding a cure. This unique and thought-provoking simulation game requires careful planning and strategy to succeed. As you progress, you’ll encounter different challenges and adapt your tactics accordingly. 

Also, Plague Inc.’s offline playability ensures you can indulge in the world of viral warfare anytime, anywhere. With its engaging gameplay and intriguing concept, this game deserves to be one of the best free offline iPhone games.

Plague Inc. on the App Store

Shadow Fight 2

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $49.99

Shadow Fight 2 Shadow Fight 2 is an action-packed RPG that combines martial arts and fantasy elements. As shadow warriors, players battle formidable opponents and demons in intense one-on-one combat. The game’s dynamic fighting mechanics and a vast array of weapons and gear keep the gameplay engaging and rewarding. 

Furthermore, Shadow Fight 2’s offline compatibility allows you to immerse yourself in its captivating world of shadows and martial arts, even when you’re offline. Shadow Fight 2 is considered one of the best free offline iPhone games.

Shadow Fight 2 on the App Store

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Asphalt 9: Legends

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $9.99

Asphalt 9: Legends offers a wide selection of high-performance cars and stunning visuals that will leave you in awe, and it is among the best free offline iPhone games. The game allows players to race through exotic locations and perform breathtaking stunts with easy-to-use controls, making it accessible to both casual and hardcore gamers. Asphalt 9: Legends’ offline capabilities ensure that you can enjoy the thrill of high-speed racing anytime, even in areas with no internet access.

Asphalt 9: Legends on the App Store

Smash Hit

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $1.99

Smash Hit is a visually captivating and zen-like game that challenges your focus and precision. As you journey through surreal worlds, you’ll have to break through glass obstacles with metal balls. 

Besides, the game’s serene music and immersive gameplay create a meditative experience, allowing you to destress and unwind. Smash Hit’s offline support means you can enjoy its calming gameplay even in offline environments. 

Smash Hit on the App Store

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Jetpack Joyride

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: $29.99

Jetpack Joyride is one of the best free offline iPhone games, and it combines simple controls with addictive gameplay, making it perfect for quick bursts of fun. The players’ objective is to fly as far as possible, avoiding obstacles and collecting coins along the way.

In addition, the game’s charming graphics and various jetpack upgrades keep you engaged in the thrill of the adventure. With its offline playability, Jetpack Joyride lets you soar through the skies anytime, anywhere.

Jetpack Joyride on the App Store

The Room Two

Price: $1.99

The Room Two is a mind-bending puzzle game that will put your problem-solving skills to the test. Players navigate through intricate boxes and devices as they uncover hidden secrets and solve complex puzzles. 

Also, the game’s atmospheric graphics and captivating soundtrack enhance the immersive experience, drawing players into its mysterious world. With its offline capabilities, The Room Two ensures that you can dive into its enigmatic puzzles and unravel its secrets even without an internet connection.

The Room Two on the App Store

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Price: $0.99

Badland is a fantastic game that has a dark and atmospheric world. The game’s stunning visuals and captivating gameplay make it one of the best free offline iPhone games. As players progress, players will encounter various obstacles and challenges, requiring quick reflexes and problem-solving skills. 

Badland on the App Store


Price: $6.99

Crashlands drops you onto an alien planet with a mission to craft, fight, and quest your way back home. This action-packed role-playing game offers endless adventures and quirky humor. Players explore the vibrant world, complete quests, and battle challenging enemies in this open-world adventure. 

In addition, the game’s offline capabilities ensure you can embark on quests and craft to your heart’s content, even when offline. With its humorous dialogue and engaging gameplay, Crashlands promises a delightful and entertaining gaming experience.

Crashlands on the App Store

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Mini Metro

Price: $1.99

Mini Metro is a minimalist subway simulation game that allows players to test their management skills in Mini Metro. As players design and manage a subway network for a growing city, players must efficiently connect stations and keep the trains running smoothly. 

Furthermore, the game’s clean and simple visuals, combined with challenging gameplay, make it a unique and addictive experience. With its offline support, Mini Metro lets you plan and expand your subway empire, even when you’re offline. 

Mini Metro on the App Store

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