The 6 Best Apps to Learn Mandarin Chinese

One of the most spoken languages in the world, Chinese is also one of the most popular languages in recent years. The number of people who want to learn Mandarin is increasing day by day. Those who do not have enough time or financial means to study Chinese are looking for the answer to the question of whether it is possible to learn Chinese on their own. Our answer to this question is partially yes. Because Chinese is a really difficult language and not completely easy to learn. However, do not be afraid. In this article, we’ve brought together the best apps to learn Mandarin Chinese, one of the most difficult languages in the world.

Pleco Chinese Dictionary

Pleco is one of the best Chinese learning apps for those who want to learn the language by themselves. Pleco Dictionary, which serves in Chinese – English language pair, is an app where you can accurately find the meanings of words and common idioms. In the app, you can easily find the meaning of the word you want by entering pinyin, drawing it on the screen with your hand, or scanning it with the camera. The app also shows sample sentences.

Pleco on the App Store

Pleco on Google Play

LINE Dictionary

A dictionary serving Chinese – English language pair for learning Chinese at home. Although the LINE dictionary does not have as wide a vocabulary as Pleco, it still contains quite a lot of words. What sets it apart from Pleco is that it shows the order of moves of each hanzi in detail. This feature is especially useful for beginners.

LINE Dictionary on Google Play

LINE Dictionary on the App Store

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Tandem is a language exchange app based in China. The feature of the app is that it has a decent environment unlike other language exchange apps. It is free to register for the app, but not every account that applies is approved. Therefore, you must carefully fill out the application form. 

If your English level is above intermediate, you can easily find a language partner here. Tandem is one of the best apps to learn Mandarin Chinese for those who want to learn the language by practicing, which also includes professional instructors where you can take online lessons for a fee.

Tandem on the App Store

Tandem on Google Play


As you know, Whatsapp is not used in China. Instead, the most used communication app is WeChat. That’s why WeChat is ideal for those who want to learn Chinese by themselves. The Chinese generally prefer to talk through this platform. The translation feature used in the chat screen of the app is really great. Thanks to this feature, you can speed up your learning by translating sentences that you do not understand.

WeChat on Google Play

WeChat on the App Store

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Quizlet is a flashcard app which is used for many languages, not just Chinese. The feature of the app is that you can create vocabulary cards by recording the words you have learned, and you can study words with many different methods such as matching and testing. You can also set reminders on the app and have the app remind you that you need to work regularly. Quizlet is one of the best Chinese learning apps as it will make your learning process a lot easier.

Quizlet on the App Store

Quizlet on Google Play


Last in our list of the best apps to learn Mandarin Chinese is trainchinese which serves as a dictionary and flashcard app. trainchinese, which use its own dictionary made by bilingual experts, also includes thousands of vocab lists, example sentences, audio recordings, measure words and character animations, and a flashcard system featuring handwriting training.

trainchinese on Google Play

trainchinese on the App Store

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