The 6 Best Games like PUBG Mobile

The first examples of battle royales appearing on mobile platforms are PUBG Mobile and Fornite, which already have millions of players on computer and console platforms.

However, after PUBG Mobile, many mobile battle royale games were released as alternatives. Some of these games took all their systems from PUBG Mobile, while others offered a completely different game. We have listed the best games like PUBG Mobile in the mobile battle royale genre for mobile players. If you are also looking for alternatives to PUBG for PC, here we have listed the best battle royale games like PUBG.

The Best Games like PUBG Mobile 

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile is a battle royale with the biggest mobile game release of all time. It, the mobile battle royale version of the legendary series, also features various PvP modes, including a 100-player battle royale mode. On top of all that, Call of Duty Mobile has a ton of weapons, customizations, and lots of characters to unlock.

Call of Duty: Mobile, one of the biggest rivals of PUBG Mobile, seems to remain one of the best battle royale games that can be played on mobile devices, unless the developers spoil the game in any way.

Call of Duty: Mobile on the App Store

Call of Duty: Mobile on Google Play


Fortnite, one of the most played games in the world, continues to maintain its success on mobile devices. Fortnite, one of the best games like PUBG Mobile, is a game that looks at battle royale from a different perspective. There are 100 people on the map in Fortnite, which offers its players very different gameplay with its construction mechanics, which are not found in most games in the list and genre.

The mobile version of Fortnite also lets you sync your data between the console and PC version so you can use all your skins on mobile too. Officially released on the Play Store in early 2020, you need to download Fortnite from Epic Games’ store.

Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games in the world. With 100 million downloads, the biggest reason why it is not talked about as much as Fortnite or PUBG is the game’s activity in the Far East market. Slowly making its way to the Western market, Garena Free Fire begins with 50 players landing on a map. As in the classical battle royale logic, with games of about 10 minutes, players try to be the last player in Garena Free Fire.

Like almost every battle royale game, Garena Free Fire uses shooter mechanics. The graphics of the game, where you can voice chat with random people and form teams of 4, are also very good and fluent. There is almost nothing wrong with the fast loading game.

Garena Free Fire on the App Store

Garena Free Fire on Google Play

Cyber Hunter

In Cyber Hunter, 100 people are thrown onto an island and the goal is to be the last survivor. For this, you need to take advantage of the weapons and other equipment spread around the island. According to the story, a power shield on the island is shrinking over time, and the playing field is shrinking with it. Of course, this situation pushes the players to clash with each other.

Cyber Hunter on Google Play

Cyber Hunter on the App Store

Guns Royale

Guns Royale is a pretty standard battle royale game in terms of pure mechanics. In the game, you fall on a battlefield to be the last one among a group of players in a shrinking game zone. This perspective in the game, which you can play with a three-quarters isometric view rather than a first-person perspective, gives you the ability to see your opponents around you, even behind corners. This makes the dynamic of the game quite different.

A free-to-play game like any other battle royale game, Guns Royale offers its players AR elements for an even more unique experience. Although the gameplay perspective is different, Guns Royale is a mobile game that offers its players a Battle Royale experience.

Guns Royale on Google Play

Guns Royale on the App Store

Rocket Royale

One of the best games like PUBG Mobile, Rocket Royale is a battle royale with an extremely familiar look. However, this reputation in gameplay is not very permanent. In Rocket Royale, you’re not trying to be the last person standing, but the person who builds your rocket and tries to escape the island before someone kills you.

In the game, you first have to collect resources from all over the map, then you have to find an area away from enemies where you can combine your resources. While there are 24 enemies around you, you must complete your rocket and be the name that leaves the island. Rocket Royale, which is separated from all the games on the list and in its genre, is a fun game that should definitely be played.

Rocket Royale on Google Play

Rocket Royale on the App Store

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