PUBG partners with Challengermode to support amateur esports competitions

Image Source: Challengermode Blog

Popular esports tournament platform Challengermode announced on Wednesday that it is now an official esports partner for the hit battle-royale title PUBG Mobile, which is played by more than 1 billion gamers around the world.

Through the partnership, Challengermode will integrate the PUBG Mobile API into its own platform and new mobile app launched on Google Play Store and the App Store this August.

The PUBG MOBILE Esports API integration in Challengermode creates a truly seamless experience for competitive gamers of any skill level,” said James Yang, the Director of PUBG MOBILE Global Esports. “…creating and joining PUBG MOBILE tournaments on Challengermode will be so much easier with the integration and will open up avenues for players to participate in a wider selection of competitions and tournaments for prize pools with ease,” he added.

In addition to the integration, Challengermode also said it’s launching a PUBG MOBILE Esports Fund to support tournament organizers by offering them prize pool funding and automated esports competitions. The fund is currently open to organizers in a number of Asian countries including Japan, South Korea, China and India. In order to apply for the fund, they’re required to have a proven experience of hosting PUBG tournaments before.

Phil Hubner, Challengermode’s Chief Business Development Officer, commented:  “We’re excited to become a PUBG MOBILE esports partner as it enables us to extend our esports program and organiser funding opportunities to a global audience of players and organisers. As a partner, we offer a true value-add for the global esports ecosystem, and with activations already starting in Europe, Latin America and Brazil, we estimate that thousands of new PUBG MOBILE tournaments will be played over the next couple of months.

The news comes days after Krafton announced its acquisition of Neon Giant, a Sweden-based game development studio behind the popular video game The Ascent.

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Earlier this year, the company also acquired South Korea-based 5minlab, the developer of player versus player (PvP) action title Smash Legends.

Written by Sophie Blake


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