The 6 Best Apps to Learn Japanese

Japanese, which in its early days was only a spoken language and of uncertain origin, had no alphabet. At the end of the 5th century, this situation changed, and the writing system called Kanji (漢字) was taken from China and adapted to Japanese.

In addition, Japanese, which is challenging to learn with its different alphabet, has other cultural characteristics. One of Japan’s most common cultures is “Omiyage”. Omiyage is a term that means souvenirs, but for the Japanese, it represents special food from different regions, and these foods are given as gifts.

There are also many successful Japanese learning apps for those interested in Japanese culture, willing to learn Japanese, or traveling to Japan. We’ve listed the best Japanese learning apps for you. Here are the best ones!

The Best Apps to Learn Japanese

Delve into the best apps meticulously crafted to facilitate your Japanese language learning journey.


Price: Free/In-App Purchase: $0.99 – $299.99

LingoDeer stands out for its well-structured lessons that systematically guide learners through Japanese grammar, vocabulary, and writing systems. The app incorporates diverse exercises, including reading, writing, listening, and speaking, to reinforce comprehension. LingoDeer’s intuitive design caters to beginners and those striving for intermediate fluency.

In addition, LingoDeer comes with flashcards, quizzes, target tutorials, and more to make learning fun and varied. Users can track their progress and download lessons to learn offline. For more information, you can check the website of the app.

LingoDeer on Google Play

LingoDeer on the App Store

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Learn Japanese Phrases

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: $4.99

A legendary app for learning Japanese phrases and words, Learn Japanese Phrases is one of the best apps to learn Japanese. The app offers phrases such as “good morning” and “thanks”, and users can tap the patterns to access recorded pronunciations by native Japanese speakers.

Furthermore, Learn Japanese Phrases comes with features like instant keyword search and customizable font size. Users can record and listen to their voices, and the app works without an internet connection. For more information, you can check the app’s website.

Learn Japanese on Google Play

Learn Japanese on the App Store


Price: Free/In-App Purchase: $3.99-$129.99

Offering an ad-free and fun learning experience, Renshuu is among the best Japanese learning apps, and its free version is unlimited. The app comes with over 15,000 locally recorded audio files, 160,000 sample sentences, and 17,000 handpicked images.

Moreover, the app offers over 12,000 kanji, over 7,500 handmade quiz questions, and over 800 different expressions. For more information, check out Renshuu’s website.

Renshuu on Google Play

Renshuu on the App Store

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Price: Free/In-App Purchase: $0.99-$239.99

FluentU stands as a beacon among language learning apps, offering a uniquely immersive and dynamic approach to mastering Japanese. What sets FluentU apart is its ingenious integration of real-world media, such as music videos, movie trailers, and news clips, into the language learning curriculum. By harnessing the power of authentic content, FluentU provides learners with a contextual understanding of the Japanese language and culture, transcending traditional textbook lessons. The platform transforms these real-world videos into interactive language lessons, enabling users to learn Japanese through engaging and culturally relevant materials.

This innovative methodology not only enhances listening and comprehension skills but also fosters a deeper connection with the language. FluentU’s commitment to creating an immersive environment, coupled with its user-friendly interface and personalized learning features, positions it as an invaluable tool for Japanese learners seeking a holistic and effective language learning experience.

FluentU on Google Play

FluentU on the App Store

Tae Kim’s Guide to Learning Japanese

Price: Free

Tae Kim’s Guide to Learning Japanese stands out as a cornerstone in the realm of Japanese language learning, offering an unparalleled resource for learners of all levels. The app covers fundamental aspects such as grammar, vocabulary, kanji, and practical expressions, providing a holistic foundation for language acquisition. Tae Kim’s clear explanations, accompanied by real-world examples, make complex Japanese grammar structures accessible, fostering a deep understanding of linguistic nuances.

The app’s structured lessons and systematic progression empower users to navigate the intricacies of the language with ease. Furthermore, Tae Kim’s incorporation of audio files for correct pronunciation ensures a well-rounded learning experience. Whether users are delving into hiragana and katakana or tackling more intricate aspects like keigo and advanced kanji, Tae Kim’s Guide to Learning Japanese proves itself as an indispensable companion, offering an intuitive and comprehensive path to Japanese language mastery.

Tae Kim’s Guide to Learning Japanese on Google Play

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Lang-8’s HiNative-Language Learning

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: $0.99 – $249.99

HiNative is an online language learning app and is just one of the best apps to learn Japanese. The app has Korean, Japanese, English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, and over a hundred languages.

Moreover, the app allows users to check and improve their pronunciation with its voice upload feature. It is also possible to use the app as a fixer, HiNative provides an app fix service for work emails, daily chats, and more.

In addition, HiNative provides pictures and helps users to understand words better. The app comes with a search function and question format feature. For more detailed information, you can take a look at HiNative’s website.

Lang-8’s HiNative-Language Learning on Google Play

Lang-8’s HiNative-Language Learning on the App Store

Embarking on the journey to learn Japanese is a rewarding endeavor, and these carefully curated apps serve as invaluable companions. Whether you prefer gamified lessons, immersive experiences, or personalized study plans, the diverse array of apps caters to learners of all levels. Embrace technology’s transformative power to unlock the beauty of the Japanese language and culture, and let these apps guide you on your path to fluency.

Written by Nisa Ozcelik


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