The 5 Best Apps for Grocery Lists

Gone are the days when we prepared a shopping list with a notebook and pen. Many grocery list apps with different features have been developed, which you can even have your shopping list prepared by voice assistants.

Forgetting to buy something we need when we go shopping, forgetting to write down what needs to be bought while preparing a shopping list, or forgetting to take the list we have prepared with us are things that we all often experience. In this article, we have brought together the best apps for grocery lists that you can use to make a complete shopping.


Price: Free / $9.99-$14.99 per year

If you are looking for an app for a shared shopping list to use with your family or friends, AnyList is one of the best options. Using AnyList, you can create grocery lists as well as collect and organize your recipes. The grocery list app does not charge you to share your shopping list with a family member or a roommate. 

As one of the best grocery list apps, AnyList allows you to create multiple lists for multiple stores, to get notified when a shared shopping list is modified, and to add notes to list items like package size and brand. 

The app offers advanced features such as recipe web import, list passcode lock, meal planning calendar, and list item and recipe photos in its paid subscription. 

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Out of Milk

Price: Free

Out of Milk is another app for shared shopping lists that you can also use as a to-do list or a pantry list app. As one of the most popular grocery list apps across Google Play and the App Store, Out of Milk has a simple and intuitive user interface that allows you to create your lists completely free and easy. 

As in AnyList, you can prepare multiple shopping lists in this app. In addition, the grocery list app, which allows you to group items by dividing them into categories, helps you to share the shopping lists you have prepared via text or email.

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That Shopping List

Price: Free / $3.99

That Shopping List is a grocery list app that allows you to create shopping lists via voice input in a couple of seconds. Having a library of around 1000 categorized items and advanced search function, it allows you to add items quickly to your shopping list. You can also add items to your list from your own search history. 

That Shopping List also lets you share your shopping list with as many people as you like. With the help of its syncing feature, you can even work with other people or devices on the same shopping list with as many lists as you want.

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Price: Free

Bring! is one of the best apps for grocery lists that has managed to reach millions of users around the world in the app stores and took part in ‘Editors Choice’ by attracting the attention of Google editors.

It allows you to create your shopping lists and share them with your family, colleagues, or friends. It also has in-app templates for all the shopping lists you need so you can use different shopping templates for your home, office, club, or holiday with friends.

By adding product photos to your shopping list, you can always ensure that the right brand is purchased. In this way, you get rid of the trouble of describing the product and you prevent the wrong product purchase. 

You can also notify your contacts that you are out shopping or making changes to your list by sending clear, ready-made messages.

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Price: Free

Listonic operates as an app for shared shopping lists with real-time synchronization that aims to facilitate and accelerate grocery shopping.

It suggests your favorite products first while you are creating your shopping list to make it quick and easy. Allowing you to access your shopping list via your phone or the web, Listonic also allows you to share your lists with others and let them see simultaneously when you make a change on the list. 

You can also add prices to the items on your shopping list to control your spending and to calculate your total automatically. 

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Written by Maya Robertson


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