Gen Z’s grocery discovery shifts online

In the evolving landscape of grocery shopping, digital channels are taking center stage as a key discovery platform for Gen Z consumers. A recent Insider Intelligence forecast reveals a significant shift in how the younger generation stumbles upon new grocery products.

According to the study, a substantial 28.0% of Gen Z consumers have embraced search engines as their go-to source for discovering grocery products. This contrasts with 16.7% of Gen Zers who still rely on traditional methods such as browsing store shelves.

The research underscores the critical role age plays in the willingness to explore new products. Millennials and Gen Zers exhibit a more adventurous spirit, showcasing a higher propensity to venture into uncharted grocery territory compared to their Gen X and baby boomer counterparts.

Younger generations, notably Gen Z, have a strong affinity for discovering new products through social media. The digital realm, enriched by platforms like Instagram and TikTok, is where these generations naturally gravitate to unearth the latest grocery finds.

For brands aspiring to boost their presence and consideration among younger consumers, the message is clear – harness digital channels. Engaging and connecting with Gen Z and millennials through digital means is essential to stay relevant in an ever-evolving grocery landscape.

As the grocery shopping experience continues to evolve, these findings underscore the importance of adapting to changing consumer behaviors. Brands that leverage digital platforms and engage with younger audiences will be best positioned to thrive in this dynamic marketplace.

As Gen Z increasingly dominates online engagement, companies are prioritizing strategies to effectively capture their attention and engagement. Just yesterday, Bumble, Grindr, and Match announced premium tiers to appeal to Gen Z better. 

Written by Gizem Yılmaz


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