65% of Gen Z Gamers Spend 3+ Hours Daily in Video Games

A recent study conducted by ZBD sheds light on the gaming habits of Generation Z, revealing that a whopping 65% of Gen Z gamers spend more than three hours a day immersed in virtual worlds. The study, based on a survey of 2,000 Gen Z gamers in the US, also uncovers other intriguing insights into their gaming preferences and attitudes.

Among the key findings, it was discovered that a significant portion of Gen Z gamers, totaling 72%, feel that they can truly express themselves online. However, not all aspects of online gaming are viewed positively, with 34% finding the online gaming community too toxic for their liking.

Interestingly, while hardcore gaming may dominate headlines, 57% of Gen Z gamers actually prefer playing casual mobile games. This preference for casual gaming experiences suggests a desire for quick, accessible entertainment that fits into their busy lifestyles.

In terms of advertising in games, opinions are divided. While 43% believe that ads negatively impact their gaming experience, half of the respondents don’t mind having ads in free games. Perhaps most surprisingly, 74% of Gen Z gamers expressed that they wouldn’t mind ads if they were compensated with Bitcoin for their time—a clear indication of their interest in alternative forms of compensation.

When it comes to spending, the study reveals that 53% of Gen Z gamers shell out more than $20 per month on games. Additionally, over half of them have gaming subscriptions, putting gaming on par with other entertainment services like music and video streaming.

Interestingly, a significant portion of Gen Z gamers (70%) engage in side hustles for additional income, including social media content creation, streaming, and podcasting. This entrepreneurial spirit suggests that they are not only consumers but also creators in the digital landscape.

Moreover, the study highlights the growing trend of non-gaming brands entering the gaming space. A staggering 81% of Gen Z gamers have either played or expressed interest in playing a video game based entirely on a non-gaming brand, such as NikeLand in Roblox.

Written by Jordan Bevan


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