Netflix plans to launch in-house ad tech platform by the end of 2025

Image Source: Netflix Newsroom

Netflix’s ad-supported plan is gaining significant traction, with the streaming giant announcing that it now boasts 40 million monthly active users globally, a significant increase from 23 million in January. Building on this growth, Netflix revealed plans to introduce its own ad tech platform and forge new partnerships with programmatic platforms and measurement vendors.

The company aims to commence testing its ad tech platform in Canada this year, with intentions to launch in the US by Q2 2025 and make it globally available by the end of next year. The objective is to afford Netflix as much control over its ad tech as it has over its streaming tech. This move is expected to provide agencies with increased control and transparency over their ad buying processes.

“Bringing our ad tech in-house will allow us to power the ads plan with the same level of excellence that’s made Netflix the leader in streaming technology today,” Amy Reinhard, Netflix’s President of Advertising said

In addition to its existing partnership with Microsoft, Netflix announced The Trade Desk, Google’s DV360, and Magnite as its main programmatic partners. Starting this summer, Netflix will offer its supply through Magnite, which buyers can access through The Trade Desk or DV360. Currently, Netflix exclusively uses Microsoft for programmatic ad sales through private marketplace deals.

On the ad measurement front, Netflix unveiled new partnerships with iSpot and TVision, complementing its existing collaborations with Kantar, Cint, and NCSolutions announced last month. Moreover, Netflix continues to work with Nielsen, EDO, DoubleVerify, and Integral Ad Science to ensure comprehensive ad measurement capabilities.

According to Netflix, over half of its ad-supported members watch more than 20 hours of programming per month, with over 70% tuning in for at least 10 hours per month. This trend underscores the importance for programmers to explore strategies to increase viewing time to generate higher ad revenue.

Written by Sophie Blake


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