The 10 Best Play to Earn Games

The idea of making money by playing games has adorned the dreams of many of us. With the integration of blockchain technology into our lives, crypto games using this infrastructure offer its users the opportunity to both have fun while playing and earn money. In this article, we have brought together the best play to earn games offered on different platforms.

Gods Unchained

Platform: PC

Token: GODS

One of the most enjoyable productions where you can also earn real money while playing is Gods Unchained. In the game, which knows how to connect even the players who do not like card games, with its pleasant structure, you can win cards and trade these cards in the marketplace. In this way, you can both earn money and strengthen your deck. Since each deck you build in the game offers a different strategy, the diversity never ends.

Gods Unchained Website

Axie Infinity

Platform: iOS, Android, PC

Token: AXS

Unquestioable, Axie Infinity is one of the best play to earn games. The popular game, in which a digital plot was sold for $2.3 million last November, hit $4 billion in all-time sales, according to Dappradar. In the ethereum-based NFT game developed by Sky Mavis, you play with creatures called Axie. Axies are unique, unchangeable Tokens that we refer to as NFTs. So when you have an Axie, it will be unique and will belong only to you. Just like Pokemon, Axies have their own types, characteristics and powers. 

Axie Infinity Website


Platform: PC

Token: SPS 

Splinterlands is one of the card games that pays as you play. In the game where there are more than 500 cards, you can strengthen your deck by buying and selling cards and of course you can also earn money. Cards never lose their value just like physical playing cards, and being digital, they can take full advantage of the advantages such as the speed provided by it. The decks created with cards from different classes are the player’s biggest trump card against their opponents.

Splinterlands Website

The Sandbox

Platform: PC

Token: SAND

The Sandbox, which is a metaverse filled with tons of things to discover, does not have any central management system, which makes the structure as free as possible. In this universe, where players can create and own as they wish, you can earn money by selling both the objects you create and the ones you own. It is also worth remembering that world-famous companies have started to buy land from here.

The Sandbox Website

REVV Racing

Platform: PC

Token: REVV

Blockchain-based games come in quite a variety of genres, and REVV Racing is with us as a successful production in the racing genre. The production, which impresses with its graphics, takes place in the universe of REVV Motorsports, and this structure also increases the profits by giving the game the opportunity to be in economic relations with more than one production. In addition to its advanced graphics, the ‘play to earn’ system is successfully handled in the production, which also makes the gameplay comfortable with two different camera options.

REVV Racing Website

Age of TANKS

Platform: PC

Token: AOT

With Age of TANKS, one of the best play-to-earn games, you can create your own tank and start fighting with other players and of course earning money right away. 

A free-to-play turn-based strategy card game, the fun never ends with different game modes. The production allows you to make money with NFT cards, where you can improve your tank and root out your enemies with various tactics. All the cards in the game are unique to the player, so it is possible to trade in the marketplace, buy and sell these cards as you wish, and of course, earn money from them.

Age of Tanks Website

Thetan Arena

Platform: Android, iOS, PC

Token: THG

Thetan Arena, an online esports-strategy game, stands out with its unique characters. You can join the battles with the team you will create with these characters and you can strengthen your characters in different classes. This production, one of the best play-to-earn games, is definitely among the ones you should give a chance.

Thetan Arena Website


Platform: PC

Token: GHST

Aavegotchi is an Ethereum based game that combines DeFi and NFT features and was developed by Aave. In this DeFi with collection aspects, you will summon an Aavegotchi with a Portal or acquire one in the Baazaar, claim a name for your Aavegotchi that noone else can have, boost its rarity score by equipping wearables and earning XP, grow your gotchi’s kinship score by interacting with it often, and dccumulate badges and trophies that will stay with your gotchi forever.

Aavegotchi Website

Town Star

Platform: PC

Token: TOWN

You can make money while developing your town in this blockchain-based production that uses its own in-game currency, TownCoin. The level system called Gala Power diversifies the game mechanics. Especially if you are a player who loves farm and building games, you should not miss this production.

Town Star Website

Written by Maya Robertson


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