Google’s updated ad policy cautiously embraces NFT gaming

In a notable update to its advertising policy, Google is opening its doors to blockchain-based games that incorporate non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This change, set to take effect this month, reflects the growing popularity of NFTs and the unique gaming experiences they offer. However, Google’s policy comes with specific conditions and restrictions to maintain user safety and protect against potential risks.

“Beginning September 15, 2023, advertisers offering NFT games that do not promote gambling-related content may advertise those products and services,” the tech giant shared in a blog post.

Google’s updated policy permits the advertising of NFT games that enable players to purchase in-game items such as virtual clothing, weapons, and armor. These items should be designed to enhance the user’s gaming experience or assist them in progressing within the game. This approach aligns with the broader industry trend of integrating NFTs into gaming to provide players with a more immersive and customizable experience.

However, Google remains cautious about certain aspects of NFT gaming. The policy explicitly prohibits the promotion of games that allow players to wager or stake NFTs in the hopes of winning real-world assets, including other NFTs, cash, or cryptocurrency. This restriction aims to prevent the potential exploitation of gambling elements within NFT-based games.

Additionally, advertisers are not permitted to promote social casino games that reward players with NFTs or any gambling-related advertisements on a game’s landing page. These measures are designed to safeguard users, especially those who may be vulnerable to the allure of gambling and NFTs.

For advertisers interested in running campaigns that promote gambling-related content integrated with NFTs, Google outlines a specific process. Advertisers must first adhere to Google’s Gambling and Games Policy and obtain the necessary certification. This requirement ensures that advertisers meet the regulatory standards and safeguards established by Google.

The company’s decision to welcome NFT-based gaming advertisements reflects the evolving landscape of blockchain technology and its integration into various industries, including gaming. While the tech giant embraces this trend, it does so with a clear commitment to user safety and responsible advertising practices. By setting these boundaries, Google aims to strike a balance between fostering innovation and protecting its users from potential risks associated with the intersection of gaming, NFTs, and gambling.

While Google is embracing NFT gaming, another tech giant Meta announced it will end its NFT support on both Facebook and Instagram, earlier this year. 

Written by Gizem Yılmaz


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