New Exciting Features of Live Home 3D Version 4.9

Live Home 3D is a multi-platform home and landscape design app for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Vision Pro. Totalling more than 12 million installations on various devices, this software brings together home design amateurs and professionals, providing ready-made house and interior templates and advanced features like professional construction tools, 2D side view, terrain editing, the ability to create custom materials, complex roofs, etс.

The app regularly provides updates with new features and content, bug fixes and stability improvements. The latest update was rolled out on April 1, 2024, bringing support for the Cycles rendering engine and enhancements for the visionOS version of the app.

The New Rendering Engine

Starting with version 4, Live Home 3D for Mac has offered its users the ability to export highly realistic 3D views with the help of Radeon™ ProRender—a physically based rendering engine that uses AMD’s Radeon™ Rays technology to utilize GPU and CPU performance for achieving true-to-life renderings.

With version 4.9 users of Live Home 3D for Mac will be able to create stunningly realistic renders even faster with Cycles—the new rendering engine available within the app. Cycles can produce highly realistic exports up to 10 times faster than Radeon™ ProRender, especially on Macs with Apple silicon. Additionally, such a swift rendering process encourages users to apply more of the advanced settings (they obviously affect the time of the rendering) and create results that are even more realistic and eye-catching.

Furthermore, the Live Home 3D team is already in the process of adding Cycles to the Windows version of the app as well. Cycles is coming to Live Home 3D for Windows in one of the next app updates.

Enhancements for Live Home 3D on visionOS

On February 2, 2024 Apple released “their most ambitious project”—a mixed-reality headset called Vision Pro. Live Home 3D was among the first apps to support the device and the new operating system, announcing the native support for visionOS UI on February 2.

Vision Pro provides tremendous possibilities for interior designers and home design amateurs, allowing them, among other things, to see and perfect their projects in a real-life environment. Live Home 3D has been offering the immersive AR experience to the users of the app for iPhone and iPad for a while with the app’s View in AR feature.

The latest version of the app (4.9) gets the improved user interface for View in AR on Vision Pro. The update makes picking a place to put a 3D model of the project and choosing its scale way easier and more convenient for the users of Vision Pro.

More about View in AR in Live Home 3D:

  • The ability to view and walk inside a 3D model of a house, room, etc. in a real-world environment.
  • Different scales option for viewing your project: 1:25, 1:50 scales for viewing a large project in whole and 1:1 scale for an immersive experience.
  • The ability to choose to view either an entire project or a current story, or a particular object.
  • Various export options (allows users to opt out of exporting furniture and landscape, if not needed).
  • Support for True Sun Lighting (turning this feature on lights up the correct sides of the 3D models).
  • The collaborative mode that allows multiple users to join the AR session.

The current improvements for the visionOS app are still a part of the developer’s first takes on this brand new platform, but more exciting improvements are coming to Live Home 3D for Vision Pro with each app update.

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