Mobile Game Playtime Increases By 62% Due To Coronavirus

To date, we have shared with you many statistics showing the increase in mobile app usage due to Coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns. People are now using mobile applications more for reasons such as spending time and avoiding boredom. GameAnalytics company shared new data proving this and showing changes in the mobile game industry associated with COVID-19. According to the company’s report, the number of mobile gamers increased by 46% and the time spent by users playing mobile games increased by 62%.

GameAnalytics shared important data on the effects of Coronavirus in the game industry by examining the overall data of its network and using its Benchmarks+ platform, which provides detailed statistics about the industry.

According to the report released by the company today (April 28th), the number of mobile gamers, which was 1.2 billion in January, increased by 46% to 1.75 billion in March.

In addition to the number of gamers, a great increase was observed in the time spent in playing mobile games. It increased by 62%, compared to the data for the first ten days of January, and rose to 90 million hours.

So which game categories have seen the biggest increase? According to the report, Adventure Games experienced the biggest increase. The time spent in the top 2%  games of this category increased by 25% and the average time rose to 4 hours per device.

In addition, a 2% increase was observed in the time spent in Hyper-casual games and arcade-style games. The average time was 71 minutes at the beginning of the year, and it increased to 81 as of March.

So how did the Coronavirus pandemic affect in-app purchases?

The increase in in-app purchases, which started to rise at the beginning of the year, reached its peak in March when European and North American countries entered the lockdown. Almost every day in March, there was an increase of 5% to 30% in in-app purchases.

You can reach the detailed report of GameAnalytics from here.

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Written by Jordan Bevan


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