Mobile Game Ad Revenues Increased By 59% In April 2020

While millions of people are now spending more time playing mobile games due to the Coronavirus pandemic, mobile game ad revenues increased by 59% in April 2020, according to the data by Unity Technologies. 

The latest data of Unity reveals the impact of Coronavirus on the mobile gaming industry. According to the world-famous cross-platform game engine, mobile game ad revenues grew by 59% and ad impressions increased by 57% during the pandemic.

In the meantime, mobile gaming activity in the US grew by 17%  and the number of viewed ads rose 14% during the first days of COVID-19.

Users also spent more money on mobile games. According to the report, in-app purchase revenues rose 24% in March & April 2020. 

However, because of the economic effects of the pandemic, developers reduced their advertising budgets and eCPM (cost per mille) decreased by 20%. But conversion rates and the volume of ads were up in the first of months of 2020.

Written by Sophie Blake


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