Mobile adtech companies form ‘Post-IDFA Alliance’ to address the concerns of mobile marketers

A group of mobile adtech companies including Chartboost, Fyber, InMobi, Liftoff, Singular, and Vungle started an initiative called Post-IDFA Alliance in order to provide resources to mobile marketers and app publishers to support transition to the post-IDFA landscape. 

The alliance aims to address the concerns of app and game publishers and mobile marketers following Apple’s update to its IDFA policy. No IDFA No Problem features a wealth of videos, articles, case studies, best practices, webinars, and tools. 

“In response to the update, the alliance — representing demand-side platforms, supply-side platforms, and mobile measurement partners — has launched No IDFA, No Problem, a resource for mobile marketers and app publishers to support a seamless transition to the post-IDFA privacy-oriented landscape.”

Apple announced on the Data Privacy Day on January 28, that its controversial App Tracking Transparency feature will roll out broadly in early spring with an upcoming release of iOS 14. 

Many large companies made statements about the damages that Apple’s upcoming update may cause. Snap Inc. warned that Apple’s  upcoming privacy feature could pose a risk to Snap’s ad business. The long-lasting tension between Facebook and Apple has peaked after Facebook began publicly protesting Apple’s App Tracking Transparency feature. Facebook even ran a full-page newsletter ad against the privacy changes. 

“With the Post-IDFA Alliance, we’re bringing in expertise from supply-side, demand-side, and measurement to arm marketers with the tools they need to navigate this shift seamlessly. We aim to ensure a smooth and successful transition, with the assurance that marketing can and will continue to be just as effective on iOS in this more privacy-centric manner.” Liftoff CEO Mark Ellis said in a statement. 

“Being a big shift for iOS-heavy markets like Australia and New Zealand, the Post-IDFA Alliance will play a key part in educating marketers and enabling a seamless transition. More importantly, this will ensure that marketers continue to drive high impact and ROI from their mobile marketing.” said Richard O’Sullivan, InMobi vice president for Australia and New Zealand.

Written by Maya Robertson


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