Spotify for Artists adds new updates to help music makers get discovered

Back in November, Spotify promised to start building its playlist pitching tool with more features to help music makers and artists get discovered. The company announced yesterday that it is rolling out updates to its playlist pitching tool based on feedback. 

One of the most important and long-waited updates in the playlist pitching tool is that artists can now choose up to 3 genres even if they are not related to one another. With this update, music makers who want to cross the boundaries between distinct genres will be able to reach more listeners following different genres.

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Another feature that will roll out in the upcoming weeks is the option to differentiate between an artist’s hometown and where they’re currently based when playlist pitching. Spotify says about the update that “We know your sound evolves with your environment, so this option to share your location with us will help us find the best home for your music.”

As part of the update, artists will also be able to pitch their unreleased tracks for playlist consideration directly from their mobile app. 

Written by Sophie Blake


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