Meta unveils guide for effective lead gen ads on messaging apps

In response to the growing trend of user conversations migrating towards messaging apps, Meta is seizing this shift as an opportunity to enhance its lead-generation ad offerings. Recently, the social media giant introduced a comprehensive lead gen ads guide, right after introducing new lead gen ad tools.

The company aims to empower marketers with detailed insights into various lead gen promotion options. The guide not only provides a thorough overview of Meta’s lead gen options but also offers performance metrics and nuanced implementation guidelines, catering to marketers seeking to refine their lead generation strategies.

A notable aspect of Meta’s lead gen ad success is evident in specific markets, particularly in India. With WhatsApp serving as a primary connective tool for over a third of the Indian population, Meta reported a significant doubling of revenue generated through its Click-to-Message ads in the country, according to its latest earnings report.

The guide’s release aligns with a broader trend wherein users are increasingly favoring private interactions on messaging apps over public posts in their main feed. Users are deliberately steering away from divisive debates and algorithmic reach restrictions, opting for the intimacy of sharing content within DM groups. Meta’s lead gen ads strategically leverage this evolving user behavior, providing marketers with effective tools to engage users privately.

As the holiday season approaches, businesses can strategically leverage Meta’s lead gen ad options to amplify their ad outreach, establishing meaningful connections with customers through messaging apps. This not only aligns with the prevailing user behavior but also provides a more direct and responsive channel for engagement. In line with the company’s efforts to enhance its advertising capabilities, Meta also unveiled a trio of AI-powered tools that will soon be accessible to advertisers through its Ads Manager last month. 

Written by Gizem Yılmaz


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