Kaspersky reveals the most dangerous messaging apps on Android

Kaspersky conducted research on instant messaging apps on Android to identify which instant messaging apps threaten user security the most.  

Cyber security experts say that the popularity of instant messaging apps makes hackers hungry. That’s why Kaspersky mentions that phishing attacks have started to spread in instant messaging apps, and that the apps we will talk about now are the most dangerous ones in this category.

According to Kaspersky’s research, 89.6% of phishing attacks carried out over instant messages are made through WhatsApp. The reason for this is actually very simple. Since almost everyone who owns a smartphone uses WhatsApp, naturally, phishing attacks are mostly carried out through WhatsApp.

According to the research, Telegram is in second place, Viber is in third place, and Google Hangouts is in fourth place. However, the rates of phishing attacks carried out through these apps are very low compared to WhatsApp. In this context; The rate of phishing attacks on Telegram is 5.6%, while the rate of attacks on Viber is 4.7%. The probability of being attacked by phishing via Google Hangouts is not even 1%.

Countries experiencing the highest number of phishing attacks were Russia (46%), Brazil (15%) and India (7%). Globally, 480 detections were recorded per day. 

Since the research does not share the ratio of phishing attacks to the number of users, it is not possible to say which app has a higher chance of dealing with a phishing attack. Therefore, you do not need to remove the app you are using from your phone immediately. However, considering that any smartphone owner is more likely to use WhatsApp than other applications, we can say that it is more likely that hackers have caught WhatsApp users.

Written by Maya Robertson


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